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14 Oct 2006 @ 05:45, by Anthony Marsh

Now this is what Im talking about. :}

By Gary A David
"Then Duppa spoke: "This canal was constructed in an age now forgotten. Prehistoric cities lie in ruins all around you. A great ancient civilization once thrived in this valley. Let the new city arise from its ashes. Let it be called Phoenix."

Full story: [link]

Other interesting stuff: [link]

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15 Oct 2006 @ 17:01 by hgoodgame : What's up with that!?
I went to the link and got this message:

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

Bummer.. I was looking forward to reading it.  

15 Oct 2006 @ 18:30 by bushman : Ok, fixed it
I found a couple secondary links to the info. :}  

15 Oct 2006 @ 21:41 by hgoodgame : Thanks for fixing the link bushman,
Yes, this is very interesting stuff! I'm not surprised at all that the Anasazi had more awareness of these things than we do. As above, so below, indeed! The 'ancients' were so much more plugged in to these greater mysteries than we are today in our so-called civilized society.

That second link even has background music to go set the mood, very cool. :)  

15 Oct 2006 @ 21:53 by jmarc : Betelguese
So is that big red monstrosity next to you betelguese? I don't know your area so its hard for me to place those villages on a arizona map.  

16 Oct 2006 @ 00:44 by bushman : Well,
Sedona is about exactly in the center of AZ, if you drew an X from corner to corner, one corner would be Yuma. Basicly Im just south of Flagstaff.  

1 Dec 2006 @ 22:00 by vaxen : Amen...


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