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picture 7 Oct 2006 @ 17:52, by Anthony Marsh

and,Horses From Beyond.

This is the main entrance to the lost city of Baboquivari.

There was an interview of Ron Quinn, on C2C the other night. Bellow is a link to the story of his adventure, and some pic's.
Tucson Weekly story: [link]

Also this link, to the Underground city in Kaymakli:

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8 Nov 2006 @ 10:20 by rayon : Splendour and beauty
Could easily give rise to other realms of existence if left untouched by human medlling. Think Delphi in Greece, the foothills of the birthplace of the gods of Mount Olympus where the natural effects were utilised for hundreds of years by priestly families and heeded by even the far afield. Will find description and place here for you. Actually had it in mind to do so anyhow, as so lovely and fascinating, even if completely misapprehended it could not matter less; civilisations greater than ours have survived on ability to story tell! maybe this some critical mass effect aided by NCN communications and contributors focusing in on similar leads! See ya. .  

1 Dec 2006 @ 07:33 by vaxen : Nice!
Some really exciting stuff bushman. Man would I love to do some climbing there. No ropes, no pitons, just sheer energy and joy. Of course the lost city, never lost at all, could be just as interesting, I suppose, but I'd have my sites on higher things...

Oh, who lost it? I mean like who loses all those 'lost cities?' nraye your English usage fascinates me... hard to place. Not London, not Mancunian, Kensington or East Willem. A clue?

Thanks, again, bushman, for getting my mind out of the mire. ;)  

1 Dec 2006 @ 08:10 by vaxen : Here...
is a very interesting article, bushman, one that if you haven't read it already just might pique your interest and further some of what you already know on the ancestors of the so called 'native Americans...


And an interesting pic you probably are familiar with...


1 Dec 2006 @ 17:00 by bushman : Hmm
The pic link you left is the same one you posted above it, lol, ya, they arnt really lost, just been out of sight out of mind. Seems these anciant cities fell, in a pre industrial time for them, like 2000 year old mechanical devices, so I guess we made it farther this time, than the last advanced civilization did.  

30 Aug 2007 @ 00:37 by shakti @ : Lost tribes-Doorway to the Gods
Its a doorway to the underworld, and a link to the heavens. Duality in a geographical and spiritual place. Just one of many on the Earth. Sacred to our ancestors, beholden to our children. Take care, for what is dear to your heart can easily be lost so fast.  

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:31 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123

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