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picture6 Jan 2006 @ 19:38, by Anthony Marsh

The wife of Art Bell passed away sudenly last night.

Art Bell's beloved wife of fifteen years, Ramona, died unexpectedly last night after an asthma attack. At present, the exact cause of Mrs. Bell's death has not been determined. It apparently took place during her sleep.

Full artical:

Art, may you find the strength to go on with the show.

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6 Jan 2006 @ 19:41 by jmarc : oh geesh
I hope Art finds the strength to carry on. My condolences to Art and his family.  

7 Jan 2006 @ 23:52 by magical_melody : Ooh, I know this is a difficult loss
for Art. I remember hearing that they had a tough time for a few years prior to Art shifting out of his regular program. I send my best wishes in support of Art and the family at this time of challenge.  

11 Jan 2006 @ 18:17 by Violeta @ : Art and Ramona
I am in shock. Art and Ramona were SO close. He once said they were "soulmates" and I believe that. I send Love and Light to Art Bell.  

18 Jan 2006 @ 20:31 by u @ : uuu

23 Jan 2006 @ 16:49 by area code 51 @ : Very Sad.
Was saddened to hear Art tonight talk about contemplating suicide. I've experienced that kind of loss, and know how devastating it is. Must realize God dealt the cards, and we must play them out. You're right Art.  

23 Jan 2006 @ 18:27 by bushman : :}
Ya, is something to think about, but I been listening to his show for many years, and I just couldn't ever think Art would take the cowerd's way out. Ya, no way, Art would jump off the ride, just when "it" was getting intresting. Frankly, if Art only knew, how many of the "right" people,(those with an open mind), he has awoken, with his show. Sure alot of it is BS/hype, but the less than 1% thats right on, is whats important here. :}  

5 Feb 2006 @ 11:04 by Robb Gleeman @ : Art Bell
Art Bell is one of the greatest radio hosts alive today. He has filled many speepless nights with cheer and chills, and has turned me on to many different musical artists I would have never really heard otherwise. Hiw wife was a beautiful woman and he loved her very much. I have to hand it to Art Bell for moving ahead. He knows he will see his wife again. His faith is strong.  

10 Mar 2006 @ 09:50 by Jon Almada @ : My condolances...
I was very surprised to learn of Ramona's death and extend my deepest and most sincere condolances to Art and his son. Ramona always had a deep smile and radiance that showed when she was with Art. I'm aware that Art is continuing to do work and is carrying on and I can only say that I admire him that much more for moving forward after this life-changing event. God Bless you Art.  

13 Mar 2006 @ 17:04 by Lynne Kaiser @ : Condolances to Art and his family
As a long time listener to Art's show, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Ramona, Art Bells wife and soulmate, she is watching over him now, she is his guardian angel, rest in peace Ramona, Love, Hugs, and Blessings to Art.  

15 Apr 2006 @ 07:39 by AHMET CEVAT AKISKA @ : BELOVED ramona
i was just wandering or perhaps siliently thinking is art a mason?no particular reason i just thought he might be ,and decided to do some research the moment i begun i found out that ramona passed ..this is a tough one art .god be with you.
a.cevat AKISKA  

25 Jun 2006 @ 02:03 by LORD OF HOSTS ELIJAH (MAL.3;4;MT.17.11) @ : WITCH RAMONA & WARLOCK ART (BELL)
and The R-C Religion's House's 'eternal sorceries (ISA.47;REV.17;18) give of themselves in their one father 'Satan''s ALL...their (cradle to grave) "WORKS"/
SORCERIES...,which you (LK.11.29, "AN EVIL GENERATION") so obvious love and
cannot get enough of. (ISA.51.5;1 PETER 4.12,17;JN.12.48;PSS.2;50;94;149;

25 Jun 2006 @ 06:47 by bushman : Works.
It's my understanding that we shall be judged by our good works, because Jesus died for our sins, assuming its true, that all humans are born into sin, due to the original sin. Theres 3 devine parts, as I know it, the father , the son, and the holly ghost, as well theres, me , myself, and I. But ultamatly it becomes, darkness, grey goo, and the light. Can also be seen as, hot, luke warm, and cold. And, good, common sence, and evil. The Father can be God, the son can be us, and the holly ghost can be saten, a strech you may say. But as the story goes, god made Lucifer, and lucifer figured he could do better than god, typical father son relation ship, but dady got mad and killed lucifer, by changeing his name to saten and casting him out with his followers. And why would god have one of his most loyal followers kill his own son? We are here still to learn our lessons, how ever that may happen or end, and try our bests to be good people, and yet nature dictates, that we are both dark and light beings, and we are devine, since didnt god go to the trouble to replace lucifer with us?  

28 Jun 2006 @ 01:30 by Adam N. Abrams @ : bushman, goodness
bushman, listen, first learn how to spell "holly" its holy buddy, then also, it is clearly stated in the Bible that once one is saved they cannot become "unsaved" meaning we are not saved by works, but by faith. And God wanted Abraham to kill his son as a test of his devotion, but ultimatly provided a sacrifice in place of Abraham's son, a great illustration of how he provided His Son to die in our place. There's no grey area, the only lukewarm part of the Bible is Jesus wanting us to be on fire for him, this is nothing to do with salvation, but rather to be on fire for him and not mediocore and go out and save souls. Goodness  

28 Jun 2006 @ 01:54 by bushman : Ok
go ahead attack my spelling, lol. Well Im not a bible thumper, and I got fried chicken crumbs in my keyboard, so as some of the spelling mistakes are mine, some of them are the keyboard, anyway how do you know, other than faith in your God? Or is it my God? Dosnt mater really, cause anyone that goes aginst the grain is either possesed or evil. Save souls by destroying free will and critical thinking. Hope it dosnt freak you out, but I believe Jesus, had sex with all the diciples wives, to keep the blood line alive, of course this is just an oppinion. :}  

9 Jul 2006 @ 08:14 by Samantha Clarke @ : Soul Mates?
I was saddened to hear of Ramona's sudden death, may she rest in peace. I was shocked and dismayed to hear that in June, 6 months after the passing of his self-described "soul mate," Art is now living in Manilla, with his "substantially younger" (art's words) wife, whom he "loves very much" and is "so much in love with."

Your mourning period for your soul-mate was remarkably short lived Art. Move out of the country and get re-married so soon? Ramona dies and only you are there, yet conveniently don't find her until morning, when resuscitation is far too late. Now you've fled "the best country on Earth" (as Art has often described America) to live in Manilla?!

Better hope some inquisitive Homicide Detective with the Laughlin, NV Police doesn't get an exhumation order, and an awake ME Art.  

4 Sep 2006 @ 03:59 by jasmine lotus @ : Art Bell
I totally agree with Samantha. Took the words right out of my thoughts  

17 Nov 2006 @ 22:49 by sactokat @ : Soulmate Ramona?????
I hadn't heard about Ramona's passing at the time it happened. But late one night, while half asleep, I heard Art mention being in Manila and that Ramona
had died! I was shocked, but even so, it's taken me another 30 days to get around to searching the internet to find out what happened. Her passing is far
less of a shcok than Art's remarriage just slightly 90(+-) days later to another Filipina and moving to Manila! Good grief, what is going on? If it were anyone else, they'd be referred to as a suspect. Samantha, you are right on. The DA and an ME from Laughlin need to get on this NOW!  

25 Jun 2010 @ 07:12 by homer @ : re

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:38 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123

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