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1 Dec 2005 @ 00:00, by Anthony Marsh

The ultamate, get you ready to deal with NWO, video game. ARE YOU READY?

"A new video game now available for X Box and PC depicts an apocalyptic vision of America after the year 2008 where terror attacks carried out by anti-government militias force the European Union to send in an occupying army.

Shattered Union has the player take control of one of seven different warring factions. After a dictator is installed as president in 2008, society gradually collapses into anarchy with a series of terror attacks carried out by domestic militia groups against the government. The result of this chaos is that the EU votes to occupy the United States with a 'peacekeeping force' which is strongly resisted by the population. Civil war ensues in the following years, including a nuclear strike on Washington DC."

Full artical: [link]

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1 Dec 2005 @ 17:58 by jstarrs : A nice little thing...
...for the kids Xmas stocking, huh?  

1 Dec 2005 @ 18:57 by bushman : Could be, lol.
It allready happened as a model on the net, a few years before the vid game came out, Mplayer.com, a gamming comunity, that became factionized to the point of cyberwars spilling over onto the innocent cyber public, seems almost a pretty natural thing of man, to self regulate thru NWO and to collaps into factions of anarchy. But then, I'm ready for it, lol. I mean really, people covet the old history, thats why we make building historical after a few 100 years , but if we did that with everything, we could never advance our infastructures, the old must be destroyed in order to start over with the more advanced tech. I think that is what has been going on for eons. It's like in the ancciant past only the super eliet had TV and all those things we as public have today. Our infastructure now, is not capable of takeing the next advancment. The people must let the past go, just think right now the eliet with super high tech, they cant just start dolling it out to an ignorant public. So the super eliet expidite it by forcing the people into self destruction. Then they just start over with the more advanced tech. Like most of us dont know life when they hadnt invented the phone yet. Like my kid never knew life with out casset tapes and cd's and computers, this is how the eliet do it. That when we reach our next golden age the world may never know life without anti gravity devices and transporters. It just seems natural to me that we must self destruct in order to make the next big technilogicl jump away from fossil fuels, etc... :}  

15 Dec 2005 @ 17:59 by rayon : Just to say happy Christmas
Bushman; I checked Sedona on the map and saw the road system you mentioned. Need to see all surrounding terrain, etc, all local politics and just about everything to comment further. Also it appears idyllic by world standards, very different criteria obtain in comparison.

By the way, is there a Good Ideas section around here abouts? It is Peace & Gift Time of Year you know, to precipitate bounty for the future. All causation lies in the spirit world and all effect in the material, a quote, not from me.  

16 Dec 2005 @ 03:07 by bushman : Hmm
Ill have to check into that. :}  

22 Dec 2005 @ 00:58 by Belgarath @ : hmm
Looks like a game I might want to get...do the have a demo out yet ???:o)  

22 Dec 2005 @ 01:01 by Belgarath @ : Hey
HEHE Had to say that...how's it going Mr. Bushman? And also, Merry Christmas Bro.  

22 Dec 2005 @ 17:14 by bushman : Hey Bro :}
I think the artical sez the game is already out and available, you might be able to order it direct thru prisonplanet.com. So how did you find this post? lol. Anyway, say hi to everyone for me, Ill try to call the parents on Xmas.  

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