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18 Apr 2005 @ 20:44, by Anthony Marsh


Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City Bombing--Evidence of an Inside Job?
by J. Orlin Grabbe


U.S. government attempts to portray Timothy McVeigh as the "lone bomber" (with assistance from Terry Nichols) in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City have completely collapsed with recent revelations of McVeigh's associations with individuals connected to the Aryan Republican Army, as well as with a BATF informant and an agent of German military intelligence.

This has led some to conclude that there has been a U.S. government (primarily BATF and FBI) cover-up motivated by the desire to destroy evidence of a "government sting gone bad," much as with the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City.

The secret Pentagon report shows, however, that such a judgment may be too kind to the agencies concerned. The principal damage to the Alfred P. Murrah Building was brought about by explosives placed on five columns of the Murrah Building, according to the Pentagon report, and not by the ANFO bomb in the truck supposedly driven by McVeigh. Thus, until the individuals who placed the explosives on the columns of the Murrah Building are identified, any proposed explanation of how the bombing came about is woefully inadequate. The existence of demolition charges placed on some columns at the third-floor level of the Murrah Building is strongly suggestive of inside participation by at least some federal employees.

The Pentagon commissioned nine explosive experts to write independent reports on the bombing, and adopted two of the nine reports as the "official" report. I spoke to both experts, but they declined to be interviewed, citing confidentiality agreements with the Pentagon. Sources familiar with the Pentagon report, however, have confirmed that the conclusions were similar in nature to those of a private report prepared by General Benton K. Partin, dated July 30, 1995, except that the Pentagon report concludes there were demolition charges placed on five columns, not four as concluded by General Partin.

Partin's report showed that the pattern of damage to the Murrah Building was inconsistent with the ANFO truck bomb as a point source for the explosion, and that the damage sustained by the columns could not possibly have come from this source.

Explosive pressure drops off approximately with the cube of the distance. Double the distance, and you reduce the explosive pressure (pounds per square inch) to one-eighth its original value.

If the 4800 pounds of ammonium nitrate in the Ryder truck bomb were in a compressed sphere and detonated from the center, it would have generated a blast wave with an initial pressure of about 500,000 pounds per square inch. By the time the nearest Murrah Building column was reached, that pressure would have fallen to about 375 pounds per square inch.

The rows of columns in the Murrah building can be labeled from front to back as rows A, B, and C. The rows are about 35 feet apart. The columns in each row can be labeled from left to right (as seen by an individual facing the front of the building) as numbers 1 through 11. The third column in the first row would thus be labeled "A3". The columns are 20 feet apart within each row.

The concrete in the columns had a compressible yield strength of at least (and probably higher than) 3500 pounds per square inch. Since this value is almost ten times the strength of the blast wave hitting the columns from the truck bomb, the blast wave is insufficient to produce a wave of deformation in the concrete (and thus to turn it back into its sand, gravel, and clay components).

However, a high detonation velocity contact explosive attached to a column would have generated pressure of 1 to 1.5 million pounds per square inch-- about 300 times the yield strength of the concrete, and thus would have pulverized it into sand until the blast wave front had dropped below the yield strength of the concrete. Left behind would be a smooth granular surface with protruding steel reinforcement rods (which have a much higher yield strength).

General Partin's report shows strong evidence of such contact explosive charges placed on columns B3, A3, A5, and A7. While the truck bomb itself was insufficient to destroy columns, it was responsible for ripping out some floors at the second and third floor levels, Partin concluded.

The notion of a government-sting gone awry would at best suggest the idea that BATF or FBI agents planned to arrest McVeigh in a dramatic flourish of publicity when he pulled up in front of the Murrah Building in his rented Ryder truck containing the ANFO bomb. But this story becomes faintly ridiculous when you consider that demolition charges were placed on five Murrah Building columns well before McVeigh's arrival. If there was a government sting in operation, then someone was using their knowledge of the sting as cover for the actual bombing. Either way, it suggests an inside job.

Finally, McVeigh was not arrested prior to the bombing. Which leads one to ask, What government sting? We are basically left with evidence of government complicity and government cover-up, but with no evidence of a government sting. Did some government agency take advantage of the general expectation that something would happen that day, and, for its own reasons, ensure these fears were realized?

Prior Knowledge of the Explosion
There are several sources of evidence of a prior expectation of a bombing to take place on April 19, 1995.

Executed on the day of the Oklahoma bombing was Richard Wayne Snell for murder of a black Arkansas trooper. Snell had been involved in a plot to blow up the Murrah Building in 1983. And, according to Alan Ables, an Arkansas prison official quoted by the Denver Post, "Snell repeatedly said that there would be a bombing or explosion the day of his death." The explosion took place at the Murrah Building, the previous focus of Snell's attention.

Snell's information would appear to have come from Robert Millar, who was in attendance as Snell's spiritual advisor. Millar was the founder of Elohim City, a religious commune in Oklahoma near the border with Arkansas. Timothy McVeigh had made numerous visits to Elohim City in the weeks before the bombing (see, for example, William F. Jasper, "More Pieces to the OKC Puzzle," The New American, June 24, 1996).

A BATF informant named Carol Howe wrote her BATF case officer in Tulsa that the Elohim City group, or its operational arm the "Aryan Republican Army", was planning to blow up a building with a possible date of April 19, 1995 (McCurtain Daily Gazette, February 11, 1997). Howe said there were three possible targets, two in Tulsa, and one in Oklahoma City.

(Members of the Aryan Republican Army are currently charged with bank robberies in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This includes Peter Langan, on trial in Columbus, Ohio, and Michael Brescia, indicted in Philadelphia. Witnesses have identified Brescia as "John Doe II", originally sought by the FBI in the Oklahoma City bombing.)

The BATF says the warnings were too vague to prompt any actions. Too vague, apparently, to warn security guards at the Murrah Building, who overlooked all the activity involved in placing demolition explosives on the building columns.

But not too vague not to warn BATF employees to stay home for the day. No BATF employee was among the 168 killed in the bombing.

February 11, 1997
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18 Apr 2005 @ 22:28 by vaxen : Yes...
all part of the wonderful 'garden plot' scenario. Wherein the people are subordined through 'fear,' 'fear,' and more 'fear.' Famous old takeover technique. Of course once you realise your own sovereignty and take over your own 'strawman' dummy corporation that was created for you via your birthcertificate which was sold becasue until you take back your rights as creditor not debtor and sovereign you are the chattel of the hoodwinkers. The corporation (all corporations are fictitional persons) in washington district of criminals known as the United States which was bankrupted in 1933 and put its' citizens, you and me, up as collateral, stands to lose a lot once the sheeple wake up to how they have been and are being defrauded by the bankster criminals which have coerced the government into submission to the privately owned federal reserve corporation and central banking system. So...what better way to control the 'people' then through creating a bunch of diversions? Hiltlers 'Reichstag' fire is a good example. Of course Adolph was supported, funded, by the international banksters like Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Fords, Hustons, Warburgs, etc., etc., ad nauseum. The sheeple have been too dumbed down in their relatively comfortable lives as slaves and chattel, TV, Radio, Movies, popcorn...beer. You know the drill. Too dumbed down by the Public 'Fool' system of education to ever possibly see what is going on right under their noses. There is a way oput of bondage though and it is using the enemies tools to do it. TIll the day that people (human beings) everywhere see through the facade of the insideous debt money system then there will be endless wars. Those who create the counterfeit money also create the wars. Your signature alone opens up a line of credit from whence the banks benefit tons! You are the creditor! They have nothing! There is no money! That's the real joke!  

19 Apr 2005 @ 04:57 by astrid : You are so right on the MONEY, vax,
(hehehehehe)Read my latest post... ALL of you!... read it!... till the bitter end, this one, as well as the ones to follow.

Tony, let me tell you about that morning; tomorrow nine years ago... I was watching the whole Thing go down from the very beginning to its very end!.... It all started about 8 o'clock in the morning, as to make sure that as many Americans as possible would see it happen... and we did!... didn't we? but WHO of us happened to have our VHS ready to record it all??? that's the thing I regret!.... I didn't... Little after nine o'clock, while the rescue workers were in the Building, trying to save as many people as possible all of sudden --out of the blue-- there were THREE MAJOR BLASTS, as in EXPLOSIONS, from NOWHERE; NO OUTSIDE Sources whatsoever, BUT FROM INSIDE THE BUILDING and the rescue workers started to run out as fast as they could in panick and absolute dis-belief!...I never forget it: It's ingrained in my Memory Bank! THAT PART OF THE OKLAHOMA BOMBING HAS NEVER BEEN REPEATAED ON THE ANY NEWS CAST as far as I know!...I wonder why???.... Anybody? Any suggestions?... I know. I'm just being sarcastic here. But I can't be the only one to have seen it and to remember it. Hard for me to believe...  

20 Apr 2005 @ 01:44 by vaxen : Oh yes...
I do remember. There were other things that happened, too, that were dubbed out. Of course we know what went on there and who did it. No use in denying it. Freedom has been under attack for quite awile now. The NWO almost has its' whole monstrosity system in place. But...

There are those of us who have tirelessly labored to discover the truth. And guess what? We've got it and are getting better at it all the time. Don't know if this old mud ball is worth saving at all but I do know what has been going on for the past 4000 years and who is behind it. We are Soverans! (Soverigns) and it is we, not them, who hold the real power. Like I said...the first step is to get back your Soveranty. That requires a few 'legal' moves. We are under the UCC so taking control of the 'strawman' account, set up for your 'strawman corporation,' so 'they' can collect interest on the 'fictitious' national debt
is one of the first steps. Studying the 'law of the land' is next.

Oh there is such subtle tyranny going on! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant games...but, games nevertheless! There is a non movement movement affot and it begins with every single person who wants to know the truth about 'who you are.'

Do you know who you are? That is absolutely crucial in winning this stage of the game. Remember that the IMF murders 50,000,000 human beings every single year! Conservative estimate. The same people who gave us Auhwitz and Treblinka and Gulf Wars I and II are in position to now enslave the whole world. Isn't it time to wake up?  

1 Dec 2006 @ 18:10 by >>not a sovereign @ : Success?!
So have any of you idiots ever taken your sovereignty back? Any of you know just one single person who has? Any taken a course in bubsiness law or advanced political science?

I didn't think so...

You know there are really good people out there whose minds are being contorted by this "strawman" argument. It ruins lives and since I have no one to blame but you idiots then proceed I must. Your cult-like, anti-government (I'm not a fan of the government either, but come on) agenda doesn't get you anywhere except to drag down others who are too naive to know any better. Thanks for ruining our society worse than it already is!  

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