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15 Mar 2005 @ 05:59, by Anthony Marsh

Now here's an intresting way to interpit old texts and our solar system's activities over time. I find the mix of myth, science and religion that fits my perception of what I believe did happen in our solar system in the past. Even in Native American drawings you see this same story.

Check it out, and have fun. :}

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1 comment

17 Mar 2005 @ 20:43 by vaxen : Hei Ho!
Thankyou, bushman, for the link. Very pertinent stuff. ;)

"- If you use ideas from this website in order to answer homework questions you will probably get an F. Not because they are wrong, but because the planetary science, ancient history and mythology in the textbooks are based on outdated, unfounded assumptions. You are living in a very interesting time, when an old paradigm is about to give way to a new one. You can be part of that revolution. One theory of how this comes about is given in a famous book:The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas S. Kuhn.

Your homework 'papers' should not just include stuff from this website, in which I postulate that the entire solar system we see today is the result of recent chaos among The Planets, but should compare and contrast these ideas with the current paradigm, which is based on the assumption that everything has been the same for billions of years. A dialog between these two paradigms is sorely needed, but is currently thwarted by the refusal of all scientific journal editors and peer reviewers to allow these new ideas to be published. A dialog will only come about as a result of young people, who are not yet indoctrinated by the 'old guard,' reasoning out the relative merits based on logical reasoning, and forcing the debate."  

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