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picture22 Feb 2005 @ 17:57, by Anthony Marsh

Hmm, 3 billion years old? Almost as old as say,... one of Saturns moons? These metal balls they found down in a mine, sure look like Moons, since some moons arn't perfectly round as well. Maybe I can call them "micro cores". Imagine that, in the so called big bang, that the original single ball, spinning fast and white hot, blows up into a bunch of different sized balls, some large enough to stay hot like suns, others large enough to attract dust and aka-slags and even other even smaller balls. Anyway, whatever the accual reasons these balls look like one of the Moons of Saturn, is pretty intresting. :}
Heres the NASA pic of Saturns Moon, Iapetus.
Now, take a look at the pics of the metal balls found in the mine. And be sure to read the whole site, there are several pages (follow the links provided) of info on these metal balls.

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22 Feb 2005 @ 19:52 by jmarc : more proof
that this universe is just some "GODS" playing marbles in a cave somewhere? Fascinating stuff. Lapetus looks like someone glued the two hemispheres together. Like an old glass bottle, before they were seemless.  

22 Feb 2005 @ 20:16 by astrid : .... and just HOW do
.... you/we know that Nasa didn't take apic of one of those little spheres you refer to Tony? HOW do you/we know that the pic above really is a moom in the (outer?) Space when taken????  

22 Feb 2005 @ 20:57 by skookum : hey bushy
your writing is improving a lot..

cool information.. fascinating.. we shall be watching.. no?  

22 Feb 2005 @ 21:34 by bushman : Hmm, lol.
We don't know, overall. Just , I do like to think NASA works for us, lol. And since there dosn't seem to be a date as to when the metal balls were found, it's totaly possable they did use it as a prop, I mean really, the metal balls, Saturn's Moon, and the deathstar from Star Wars, seem to look the same, lol. So for now, I'm going to see the form, as something that happens in nature over time. Could it happen with any mixed hot metal spinning and cooling from the outside, to the inside, wouldnt the lightest materials and elements layer out if there was no gravity, while space was still hot, as well? Could whole micro solar systems of been formed, and fallen into a huge planet like the Earth would be to a Moon or planet that was the size of these metal balls? And wouldn't it be the same as Lapetus falling onto Saturn, instead of it being caught in orbit. I mean, size means alot, The Earth is a meer dust speck to the Sun and even Jupiter. The whole thing reeks of Mendel broth, lol.  

23 Feb 2005 @ 17:25 by craiglang : Following the links
I followed the links and ended up on a link entitled "{http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/mom/spheres.html|The Metamorphic Conjecture of Origin}". This indicates that these may be natural in formation. So, like most anomalies, the controversy continues... :-)  

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