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 HAARP lights up the sky.7 comments
picture3 Feb 2005 @ 05:37, by Anthony Marsh

Neat, wonder if adding Aluminum, Barium and some polymers as a fine dust into the atmosphere, would turn the sky into a really big plasma screen TV on clear nights. Says here at the link below, they might be able to light the sky over a city, for emergency purposes, of course. Intresting pic's too. :}

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3 Feb 2005 @ 06:07 by vaxen : Barium...
blues. Yup, good old Barium Sulphates chemtrailed for 'experimental' purposes. Did you hear Bush's speech tonight? Ha! Of course HAARP is used for much more than just weather control but I've talked a lot about that, here, over the years and the 'New Civilization' is just not interested. Celestial advertising indeed! Here comes Jesus in the clouds or maybe Buddha or maybe...

So be it. Thanks for the link bushman. Thanks for thinking!  

3 Feb 2005 @ 09:09 by gea : Link
The article ends :"If no pre-existing aurora is required, Ziemelis said, "we are left with the tantalizing (some would say disconcerting) possibility that such radio-fuelled emissions could form the basis of a technology for urban lighting, celestial advertising, and more."

"And more", of course.  

3 Feb 2005 @ 16:18 by jazzolog : Maybe
we can shoot up some crap that'll plug up the continent-sized hole in the ozone. With patches, soon our atmosphere will look like the tires on Goofy's truck.  

3 Feb 2005 @ 23:57 by maxtobin : Goofy's truck
Help I want to get off.
It is a F****d up truck if'n you ask me. They is not angels wat play with that harp folks they is the polar opsit.
May have somthin' to do with Polar melt down too!!
In the race to control that which does not require control the balance is altered (Not an alter in sight! Cause these folks opperate so hidden agendas) and the controlers are creating an out of control situation, so my guess is that Gaia is about ready for another out of your bodies experience for humanity as part of the rebalancing act. Are you guys aware of the soul contracts made by those who will be leaving en mass to enlighten our collective, are you amongst them??? Go for higher ground.  

4 Feb 2005 @ 03:09 by astrid : I am
so glad to see ncn members finally to wake up to things I posted 7 months ago: about "The Shift"/John English -and now re-posted by Scotty. And Bushman taking on HAARP -again..... Nobody saw it in my posting 7 months ago!....
Cool. Seems like every time I get off the Wagon after been on the ncn barricades for awhile being hammered from right and left, so to speak, something happens as I exit -and lo and behold!......
here are the same ol'issues cropping up like mushrooms... only now they are being paid a little more attention to!
So, when are we here on ncn getting off the money wagon? Up on a NEW, better, much better Money-Wagon?????.....
Leave the International MoneyMongers' money to them to decorate their bathroom walls and MAKE your own money in your own Community!
This Money Making Book was originally written more than ten years ago, but the link is worth reading through as well as the Table of Contents of the book. http://www.ic.org/market/money/index.html

Monsanto can kiss its own ass!.... and so can the rest of the Big Boys ( and their Corps and Brown Nosers as well!)......IF or when WE get OUR shit toghether! But only if or when we get our own shit together!
Of course, the ones among us who like to remain Parasite Fodder, for some material conveniences and some deception enveloped as flatterings are welcome to continue as if "all is good, my Authorities assure me so" ... by all means!...
There;s a lot of intelligent forward thinking people out there who have secured the crops of the Future to be free from Monsanto shit -at least til they get crosspollinated... Then again, there's means to circumvent that too.
Anybody truly interested; write to me. To the ones of you I know I can trust --and you know who you are-- I will reveil some secrets. The ones of you whom I wouldn't trust, based on your overall behaviour and energy vampireism in the name of Ideology and such, you know too, who you are... so don't bother!...  

19 Feb 2005 @ 11:02 by bill colman @ : contact
find area code 95666  

19 Feb 2005 @ 17:03 by bushman : Hmm,
This what your talking about Bill?
Or was it the higher ground? lol

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