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picture6 Oct 2004 @ 05:51, by Anthony Marsh

Very intresting discovery about Ed's magnetic magic.
Coral Castle site.
Info from Coast to Coast am web site.

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7 Oct 2004 @ 00:41 by spiritseek : I see
the flower of life pattern matches the crop circle Nora has posted.The design with the x  

9 Oct 2004 @ 01:38 by astrid : Tha is so amazing!....
that you found WRITTEN info "how" Ed "built" these Masterpieces. All the info I have ever ran into said that there was NO written info left behind by Ed, nor any clues as to how he harnessed energy to do it all... Only speculations have been around!... as far as I ever found out. Congrats! What is your take on his little booklet and what he describes there. Have you studied or maybe even tried for your self any of his Magnetism Theories?  

9 Oct 2004 @ 02:18 by bushman : Hmm
He wrote lots of stuff, and I think some patents, Id have to look that up about patents. I did a few experiments about 10 years ago, basicly a device to sence changes in the earths magnetic field, it was in the hopes of detecting earthquakes, but what I ended up with was a magnetic device that would sence electricly charged clouds floating by, lol. I don't totaly understand his work, at least how he was levetating stone blocks, or even if he accually used ocilating magnetic fields to do it. One experiment I was working on back then was a way to capture every sort of radio wave, using germanium diodes, like a crystal radio, that I could some how turn it into useable electricity, but didnt have any luck with that, mostly because I couldnt get thing I thought I needed to do it. We had a surplus store, that had all sorts of junk, but I didnt have money to buy it. But now, it seems Art Bell and his huge shortwave antena loops has rediscovered by accident what is called an earth battery, he gets about 300 volts of mixed ac-dc voltages, so he could clean it up and convert it to 12 volts dc only and then run it into a off the shelf power inverter, and maybe run a 110volt light bulb with it. There is also the MEG project device that seems to pull power from the vacuum of space useing a bar magnet. So maybe thats what Ed was doing but on a much larger scale. :}  

5 Oct 2005 @ 01:26 by duckhunter @ : coral castle
still does not explain how he cut and moved blocks in to place  

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