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22 Jul 2004 @ 12:44, by Anthony Marsh

These "raw" images are in fact being edited with simple graphics software.

I am really getting pretty sick of the lies. NASA, obviously dosn't think the American public can handle the truth, I have seen native American drawings of thier time on Mars. Incedently, you now have to make an appointment/resrvations to see these drawings now, why?

Here is the site exposing the fraud, and thats exacly what NASA is doing. The Hopi stories tell of thier time with the star people, this means we are not alone, this means there are aliens that have been comming to this planet, for what ever reason. NASA has no right hidding the truth, the gov has no right hidding the truth either.
Here again from pics I took at the now "appointment only" native ruins here in Sedona AZ, a place that is almost identical to Mars.

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