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20 Jul 2004 @ 17:08, by Anthony Marsh

Hmm, this lost underground city in Iran, looks like its cut into the same kind of rock layers here in Sedona. The tunnel size from the pic below comes very close to the 2 carved underground entrances I found here in Sedona as well.


Three-Story Underground City Unearthed in Central Iran
Iranian archeologists have discovered a massive three-story city in central Iran, probably dating from the ancient or Islamic eras, Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency reported.

During the first season of excavation, a team of archeologists, architects and history and geography experts have managed to unearth the outlines of a city of labyrinth-like architectural structures, 2.5 meters under the topmost layer of the earth, in the central city of Noush Abad, near Kashan. They have discovered, indeed, three layers of urban constructs, said Zahra Sarokhani, head of the researchers.

“The first story is 2.5 meters deep, while the third layer is 16 m deep. The height of each story is 1.8 m,” she added. “It is unprecedented in our excavation history to dig out such a place, arguably making it unique in the whole world. The city can lead us to learn many things about this style of architecture.”

The underground city has corridors, rooms and other architectural structures, all interconnected to the upper or under level with flights of stairways. Archeologists speculate it was built during the ancient or Islamic eras, though they have no wild guess about the exact area of the city due to their limited excavation works so far.

Kashan is an oasis city lying in a desert at the eastern foot of the Central Iranian Range. Kashan was earlier an important station on an important caravan route between Kerman and Isfahan. Kashan has several ancient monuments. Most famous are the mausoleum of Shah Abbas 1, the 12th century Friday Mosque and the Safavid royal buildings southwest of the city centre.

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20 Jul 2004 @ 21:02 by ov : Underground Cities
The corridors are a good size in that one. I visited the underground cities in Capadocia in central Turkey about 16 years ago. The one that I was one went down more than twenty stories deep though they only had about half of that open to the public. There was one place that had an airshaft that you could drop down a lit taper and see how much further the city went. There was a second city about ten kilometers away but it wasn't open to the public. They also found a deep connecting tunnel, or they think it connected the two, it had caved in and they never bothered excavating it. Yup undergroud skyscrapers that kept the early Christians safe.

When the Moslems came raiding they would find crops but no people; I think the carved out cliff dwelling would have been started by then but they might have come later. The cities were big enough to hold quite a few thousand people but I forget the exact number. I spent all day exploring them and it was very cool.  

20 Jul 2004 @ 21:18 by bushman : Cool :}
Yep, it seems that in those times, they did these constructions underground here in AZ also, here the entrances are in the cliffs, and somehow got burried by large amounts of debris. The first one I found is way up and totaly exposed, but you would need climbing gear to get to it, the other entrance is 200ft below the first one, and was just uncovered last year in heavy rains. The artwork is anciant leading up to the location, and deplicts at least 7 religions, in monolithic carvings, you can even see the waterline that once was part of the inland sea. If I was rich, Id like to check those ones you been to, since they are letting the public into them. The ones I found here, I still havent got enough equipment to document the find, or explore them safly, but soon, the world will see whats here. :}  

21 Jul 2004 @ 00:45 by vaxen : Gee...
at 1.8 meters per story we must assume that they were midgets that built and inhabited the place eh? Have you been inside the ones you found yet bushman? I know that they dot the south west like swiss cheese and many are marked with symbols which are very, very, runic! ;) But then we know, from the so called 'Native Americans' that there were Iron Shirts already living here when they got here from the wars in South America. cf., "The Book of the Hopi" and others. thanks for the info...  

25 Jun 2010 @ 07:23 by homer @ : re
good news  

28 Sep 2016 @ 11:43 by Redgage @ : Story Underground City Unearthed in Cent
Great news !!Thanks for the information.  

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