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 Forced Druggings, murder HIV kids?4 comments
17 Jul 2004 @ 11:03, by Anthony Marsh

All for the love of money, the bastards that think they own you and your kids, recycling chemo drugs that didn't work, being used on HIV positive orphans, such evil.

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17 Jul 2004 @ 12:45 by vaxen : Thanks bro...
for the link. Of course I have known this since the beginning and this is one reason I'll never ever 'vote' for the pukes running (they should be running from the hangman!) for, ah; get this, ELECTION? Ha! What impressed me was not only the article and the fact that there are people who are awake to the scam of 'Medicine' but the fact that it is being called 'the resurgence of NAZI medicine!' SO who won World War 2? Right! It would be cool if you could reprint the whole article here at your log. Unethical? ;)  

17 Jul 2004 @ 12:58 by spiritseek : thanks Bushman
this should be out to the public to inform the people whats being done. Death by injection,experimental patients that can't speak up for themselves.  

17 Jul 2004 @ 13:09 by sharie : Monsters on a Mission Live in Mansions
The titles of their professional journal articles alone exposes them as frankenstein scientists, only worse, they're not bringing dead people back to life, they're murdering children.

I was horrified to learn how the military - under Rumsfeld - was "testing" the biological effects of frankenstein pharmaceuticals on soldiers and intelligence office, but poisoning defenseless children! How can these monsters - living in mansions - even think of themselves as human beings!

Thanks for the post.  

17 Jul 2004 @ 13:37 by bushman : Yep,
I thought about copy and paste, but then said to myself, self, there are other things on the site that people might be intrested in reading as well and should read if they got the time. :} Ya, since they passed that ruling on testing bio stuff on a unsuspecting public, it's been open season, not only on americans and troops, but on the very micro biologists who created the stuff in the first place, how many dead MB's?, like 30 world wide?. All to eradicate the useless eaters. They are evil monsters.  

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