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 Blast wave from the Sun.4 comments
picture9 Jul 2004 @ 23:12, by Anthony Marsh

This is pretty cool, we are still tracking that record setting solar flare from last year, and get this, they expect it to expand our solar bubble.

Image: Scientists predict that within 10 months the boundary separating our solar system from interstellar space will be pushed as much as 400 million miles farther out as a result of the blast wave. The heliosphere is a sort of bubble blown by solar wind that envelops our solar system. Its boundary is fluid and changes with the cycles and activity of the Sun. Credit: NASA

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10 Jul 2004 @ 01:09 by newdawn : is there a possibility
that global warming is sun caused not man caused? I certainly think that the sun has far more impact on earth and the solar system than we do.  

10 Jul 2004 @ 06:51 by celestial : Thee "Sun
of G.O.D." may just be the lake of fire that scorchs the earth.
It is the giver of LiFe as we know it on this planet. Even the plants worship it by turning toward it to receive as much of its light as possible.
But not man. Well, some do but not enough.
Oh Land of the Rising Sun, you shall be blessed.  

11 Jul 2004 @ 14:12 by Molly C @ : newdawn's question (Global Warming)
Interesting link dated June 14, 2004 on the {link:http://www.worldtrans.org/|World Transformation} page. The article is from {link:http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/000669.html|WorldChanging: Another World Is Here}:

"Almost lost amidst the (justifiable) outrage and attention regarding the Iraqi prisoner abuses is news that a team at the University of Washington has knocked down the last scientific objection to the notion that global warming is real, and that human activity is a significant causal factor."

"It also means that the inevitable continued objections to doing anything about global warming have likely lost any remaining scientific credibility."  

11 Jul 2004 @ 14:48 by bushman : Ya
I hadnt read the stuff on WT, but do know kind of whats up reguarding co2 output, I see we need to have co2 colectors running 24/7 at each home run by solar power or wind, the devices will liquify the co2, then like the trash company will come once a week or whatever and swap tanks, they will then have to store it, thats not a problem under the ocean, but if that stored co2 was to get released again it could really be trouble, but now if they can get the space elevator working, we could accualy send the c02 to Mars, and since Mars is mostly co2, its the best place and safest place to put it. I know the suns activiy does have an effect on global temps, but the co2 that mans machines and industry put out deffinetly has something to do with the global temps too, we need to lower the co2 content world wide and get rid of it, there is alot of talk around that as we spew hydrocarbons, it is accually expanding our atmosphereic bubble, pushing the ionisphere higher, this is the same as widening the gap on a sparkplug, lightning being that spark, the wider the gap, the hotter the spark discharge, means big lightning shows like we have been seeing. Lightning, does make ozone, so the bigger the spark the more ozone gets produced, now couple that info with the chemtrail program, that the patents of the stuff they put in the jet fuel, aluminum barium polymers, these things reflect sunlight, fake cloud cover cools stuff down during the day, but it can also trap heat since some of the radiation gets thru, and as the drawing on the WT site showes it. It looks to me anyway, like they are trying to make more lightning to fix the ozone layer.  

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