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12 Jun 2004 @ 20:06, by Anthony Marsh

Need I say more?

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Here are the old lyrics to the same song, by the Zombies.

I am the astro-creep
a demolition style hell american freak -
i am the crawling dead -
a phantom in a box shadow in your head -
say acid suicide freedom of the blast
read the f**ker lies -
scratch off the broken skin -
tear into my heart
make me do it again yeah
more human than human
i am the jigsaw man
i turn the world around with a skeleton hand say -
i am electric head
a cannibal core
a television said
do not victimize
read the motherf**ker-psychoholic lies -
into a psychic war
i tear my soul apart and i eat it so me more
more human than human
i am the ripper man
a locomotion mind
love american style
yeah i am the nexus one
i want more life
f**ker i ain't done - yeah
more human than human

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1 comment

13 Jun 2004 @ 01:09 by skookum : Rock on Bushy
rock on  

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