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10 Jun 2004 @ 13:15, by Anthony Marsh

Colorado Rampage -
Whores And Tyrants Drooling
By Russell R. Bingman, Publisher
No B.S. News & Commentary
c. 2004 - All Rights Reserved

"This is the way of an adulteress: She eats and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and says, `I've done nothing wrong.' " - Proverbs 30:20 -

The harder that the "nobility" of Granby and Grand County, Colorado work to demonize Marvin Heemeyer and his bulldozer justice, the less Heemeyer looks like the "madman," they've characterized him as, and the more the nobility looks like tyrants and oligarchs - and like insatiable prostitutes on a Navy payday, whoring themselves for any and every dime that's not nailed down, and even those tiny pieces of silver are not safe. Not satisfied with what they have, they lust for what other's have, and one way or another, they are determined to get it. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors property." - The 10th Commandment -

Whenever any elected or appointed public servant in America prepares to take office, they all have to take an oath of office, and this one item exists in every oath of public office: "I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America." Article 6 of the Constitution specifically prohibits a federal code of statutes or laws, yet such exists. The U.S. Constitution is not a document of governance for governing the American people. It is a document for governing the government, and is enforceable only by the federal government and the people. The only part of the U.S. Constitution that is intended to be enforceable by law enforcement officers, is the Bill of Rights. That is the premise for the motto: "To Protect and Serve." The primary responsibility of the United States Marshal is to ensure that the federal government's many entities are not violating state's rights, and that state's are obeying the mandates of the Constitution.

Marvin Heemeyer's Constitutional rights were violated, to the point that he was forced out of business by a town council, whose insatiable lust for money is never satisfied, and their infatuation for power, to dictate and control is never curbed. When Marvin Heemeyer had the audacity to stand up to these people and assert his rights, he became one of the many on the oligarchy's list of enemies. And it cost him his life.

The problem with being born in one part of the country, here in America, and then moving somewhere else to live, is the good ol' boy and birthright factors. If the good ol' boys like you, they'll waive the requirement for a birthright to live in their town or county. But if they don't like you, birthright or not, they're not going to let you live in their town or county, and they'll make life miserable if you try. Marvin Heemeyer was unwelcome by the holders of the birthright in Granby and Grand County. He was an outsider - an outsider with Constitutional rights, and he sought to have those rights enforced. Oligarchs don't respect rights.

Democracy is a popular word in political and upscale social circles today, and it's being promoted all over the world. It's even being promoted here at home. The big problem is, America is not a democracy - it is a republic. The only function of democracy in a republic, is for elections - and there it ceases! Democracy is mob rule, not just majority rule - a lynch mob is a majority. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution or American history legally recognizes majority rule. Some people need some serious lessons in government, history and civics. While a majority may determine who certain office holders are going to be, that majority has nothing to say about what you as an individual may or may not do in your own pursuit of life, liberty or happiness. That's summed up in a single word: FREEDOM! Oligarchs like freedom even less than they like rights. Rights they can manipulate, or even take away, by legislation, rather than due process of law.

For the past 85 years or so, there has been an orchestrated effort, from the highest office in Washington, D.C., to the lowliest village council, to lull the American people into a state of languishing passivity. The education system has been dumbed down through the Progressive Education philosophy of Dr. John Dewey, which soon permeated every denomination of religion, every social and cultural fraternity, every facet of American life. And there is a stark piece of reality, evidencing this in the presentation of psychobabble from Frank Giardino, the psychologist now advising the Granby town council. Giardino, as reported in the Denver Post today (6/9/04), told the Granby money whores last night, that Marvin Heemeyer was "psychologically out of balance" . . . "All we need in life is love and work. You get too far away from those things and your perception and perspective become so distorted. He was just so far away from reality about how people problem-solve," G

It is an interesting irony, that today, as the body of the late President Ronald Reagan lies in state in Washington, D.C., the American people are asked to remember him and his legacy. On the occasion of his first inauguration, in his speech, President Reagan noted, that government had grown out of control and disobedient to the people and the Constitutional bounds set for it - that it was his intent, to put government back in its place, and back into the controlling hands of "the people," and out of the hands of those in government whom are controlling the people. Mr. Reagan's goal lies as dead as he is today, and as dead as Marvin Heemeyer, who sought to enjoy what Ronald Reagan sought to restore - what the Constitution guarantees each and every one of us - what the tyrants, oligarchs and good ol' boys of Granby and Grand County denied to Marvin.

A woman in Granby speaking to the news media said that she hoped that no one would try to glorify what Marvin Heemeyer did. Does she intend then, that what was done to Marvin Heemeyer be glorified instead? Is she so dumbed down and ignorant of the rights of freedom, that she disdains Marvin Heemeyer and praises government oligarchy? Many of the people of Granby claim to be "God-fearing" souls - yet some of them show utter contempt for anyone who would exercise or enjoy freedom and liberty, a gift of God, not of government. Does she also have contempt for the Creator of the Universe? Granby's town government certainly does!

When any entity of power seeks to destroy and demonize any person's reputation and character, it always uses the press and the media, to do most of the job for them. What is being done in Colorado is no exception. One of the most despicable examples of journalism now misrepresenting Marvin Heemeyer, is Howard Pankratz of the Denver Post. His article this morning is rife with innuendo, characterizing notes which Marvin Heemeyer left behind, as a "manifesto," and referred to the big metal shop building as a "shed." The obvious intended mental association for the reader is to that of the Unabomber - Ted Kazinski. Pankratz also wrote that Marvin armed the cab of the bulldozer with five guns - five cameras - and hose to blow away the fog . . . but the sheriff and other news media sources all say three guns - three cameras - and the air hose was to blow away dust on the camera lenses, outside, not some mysterious fog inside the cab. Pankratz is loose with the facts, de

When asked by the Granby town council last night, what is going to happen to Marvin Heemeyer's D9 bulldozer, Sheriff Rod Johnson said that maybe the county is going to take legal action to obtain it. One has to ask or wonder, just what legal action would that be? The law says that his bulldozer is the property of his estate, and his estate is destined for his family, not Grand County or the town of Granby. Does Sheriff Johnson intend that the illegal action of asset forfeiture be employed? Does he intend to fight Marvin Heemeyer's family for it? And why was the Granby town council asking anyway? "The lustful eyes of the greedy are never full enough!" They always look for more. Does Sheriff Johnson or the town of Granby intend to take Marvin's home, property, or perhaps the clothes hanging in his closet as well?

The notes and very brief messages that Marvin Heemeyer left behind, hardly constitute a manifesto. But they speak volumes about a man who was trampled upon by government, had his Constitutional rights denied and his freedom and liberty stolen, by the very people that Ronald Reagan sought to put in their place. Perhaps they have the same contempt for him as for Marvin. They certainly have contempt for freedom - Marvin Heemeyer's last years are a testimony to that. American history usual honors people with the courage to fight for their freedom, not malign them as cowards. It wasn't Marvin Heemeyer who was deranged, rather, it's those speaking against him. Do these people have any real sense what-so-ever, of "right and wrong?" The Golden Rule?

Marvin's notes leave behind something else: a lot of questions! Who of the Granby town council owed Marvin Heemeyer $66,000? Who was Marvin referring to in his note saying, "Don't let inbred, window-peeking perverts and bankrupt suicidals run everything?" Who on the Granby town council is a window-peeking pervert? What was it that Marvin Heemeyer knew about them, that made these people so overjoyed at his death? And why are these money grubbers begging for donations, when it is already known that insurance and state funds are a guaranteed certainty, with a surplus, and federal grants practically assured? Who is going to watch over this shill's till of filthy lucre?

Sooner or later the truth is going to be known. Some people aren't going to like it!

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