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picture23 May 2004 @ 09:59, by Anthony Marsh

Heres an intresting artical, talking about the fact that solar radiation the reaches the surface of the planet has droped considerably, they say within the last 10 years the light that reaches us has dimmed, because of particals in the air. So whats the real truth here? lol.

Thought I'd up the anti, lol, Duh, of course the sun is dimming, they been dumping this stuff in the air for almost 10 years. Click on patent #36 on this page, then maybe check out the other patents.

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23 May 2004 @ 12:24 by spiritseek : chem trails?
Perhaps the problem lies in chem trails being scattered over the sky by planes.Also the weather being munipulated by satellites. I wouldn't believe the view that its better the light dims.  

25 May 2004 @ 12:59 by skookum : well I know
that the UV index isn't waning any  

26 May 2004 @ 15:49 by bri_outten : Curious
I'm not so sure about this Bush!
It all comes down to the overall radiation levels, so I believe, which do not seem to be significantly impeded by particles in the air.
These particles though are certainly much more likely to be linked to global warming in the sense of being greenhouse gases.
Check my news log about Gaia inventor James Lovelock's latest theories.
Quite controversial!!
Good luck  

29 Jun 2004 @ 04:38 by newdawn : has no one given a thought to the sun?
the sun has been behaving very strangly lately. I have noticed that the colour of the sun has changd to a white light from the more golden of before. The sun has had a large chunk exploded out of the back of it not too long ago. perhaps we should stop blaming ourselves and our way of life and realise that everything changes, nothing remains the same and in actual fact we are actual,ly not able to do anything here on earth to effect the sun  

29 Jun 2004 @ 10:08 by bushman : Ya :}
The sun deffinetly is a big player in all this, and I noticed the whitening of the sun over my lifetime so far, its hard to say though, if the sun got more white, or over that time man has been burning things cleaner, 20 years ago we burned alot more coal, in a dirty way, smog was full of sulfer back then, I remember days at school, we had to stay inside, the smog was so bad back then it would burn your eyes worse than an over clorinated pool, your lungs would hurt within 10 mins of breathing it, so thick you could only see 1/4 mile, and in those days the sun was yellow. Now there is a story about a time around 1100ad for 2 years the sun turned a bright white/blue, and nothing would grow. And they have this animation of the known comets and space rocks, in this animation you can see that these objects come in groups, and the sun reacts to them, kind of looks like a heart beat, very complicated, but if you took all the mass of comets and sent them around the sun in a group like they are, the sun would notice it and might accualy shoot sparks out at the outside mass, I look at solar flares/cme as a rally big electrical spark. Heres the animation, its a little over a meg, so give it time to load, pay attention to the blue ones and the dates.
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