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 The mad gas Rush.6 comments
2 Mar 2004 @ 21:39, by Anthony Marsh

When will we learn, to at least do it right, without destroying everything. How can they be stopped, if the people we gave the power to protect our resources and wildland habitats, are working for the companys that are doing the damage? Flippin insane abomination of the American way. Read about it here and weep.


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2 Mar 2004 @ 23:36 by vibrani : Thanks
for this sad and shocking report, Bushman.  

3 Mar 2004 @ 01:51 by jazzolog : How To Stop?
Isn't it obvious that Bush, Cheney and their band of pirates want to corner all markets of non-renewable resources? Mountains of money in their offshore tax shelters. And Mars and the Moon are next.

I suppose an ecologically-minded new Administration could propose government control of such resources. Screams of communism would fill the halls of Congress of course. Perhaps an assertive United Nations could be the answer. Either we yield to these clever new Emperors of the World and watch the planet sucked dry as dust, or we stand up on the hind legs with which our species is endowed and use our fairly sizeable brains.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 08:19 by martha : selfish behavior
. Perhaps an assertive United Nations could be the answer.- humph

the UN has no power...it is a puppet at this point unfortunately. We are killing our species but I guess even the administration doesn't care about their grandchildren. Shows you how selfish they are. Not to care about their own families future. Like money is going save them when the air turns poison and the soil is ruined and the ozone is gone.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 22:57 by vaxen : "Heats...
with oil and wears down vests." Yeah, that really matters. There is no use telling people about this, bushman, for it wo'nt matter a lick. Americans are petrified of their 'feudal' Government with good reason. Shortly, around these parts, those who use banks will have to adopt a 'dress code.!' No head covers, no sunglasses, etc., Welcome to fascism cum feudalism...  

5 Mar 2004 @ 09:56 by bushman : Hmm
Well, maybe it wont matter in the end, It does mater now to lots of people. And just maybe more people will not need bank accounts, I do my best to enter every bank I have to deal with, covered with dirt and smelly, lol. I dont have any bank accounts myself antway, and they still ask the scummy me, if I'd like to open an account, I tell them nope, and I tell them why. Ill pay the 3 bucks to cash a check, I get my bosses to write me checks that are less than 250, so they can only ask me for one ID. I supose the the best way to keep them from tearing up anymore forest is to stop buying thier oil/gas based products, so there is little or no demand for it. That is the problem though. And because most people can't build thier own systems for cracking veg matter like hemp or other veg oil crops. Alcohol is easy to make too, as is hydrogen, any american can get what they need easily from junk yards. So as the gov thinks they totaly control the market, they can't really stop you from making your own power and fuel, from sun/solar or crops you grow. I am implimenting a cross over system, to get us off the grid and being dependent on propane for heat here, we could convert that equipment to hydrogen, and just store the hydrogen. We never need to run the heat in summer, and could produce a whole years worth of hydrogen in 3 months during the summer months. I got a plan for solar preheaters for the water that even works in the winter, this is the first thing my boss has allowed me to do since they plan on getting a heated lap pool, now because of the preheater idea. My next project will be the systematic yearly additions of solar panels, we have 22,000sqft of roof already tilted to the sun. The first 4'x8' panel will be set up at the well. So Im not alone in this cross over, because as the neighbors see what we are doing and how, they will be jelouse, and want the same stuff, human nature. :}  

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