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picture23 Feb 2004 @ 09:29, by Anthony Marsh

Here you will find all sorts of stuff for your ADDH kid to play with, who needs ritilin when you can buy urainium? And the jet engine powered gocart, that would of solved all my problems growing up, lol. Warning: Please supervise your child when messing with this stuff, first investment for any family is sand and sand bags, for your childs blast bunker, make it real for them but be safe. :}


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23 Feb 2004 @ 10:54 by jmarc : the glow powder looks
like fun, lol. i wonder what would happen if you dumped a vial of that into a can of paint, or a bottle of skin lotion.  

23 Feb 2004 @ 11:10 by bushman : hmm
Thay would be cool, neat prank to paint an entire house and see what happens, lol, bet the NRC would show up in suits, lol. But alass, there would be records of the purchase, and how many people would order that much to really make a glow, but the stuff is safe non toxic, lol, charge it up and put it in some food, and see if its still glowing at the other end , that would be too funny. Wow, it could be mixed into xmas tree flock, going to try to patent that idea, thanks, :}  

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