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16 Feb 2004 @ 10:32, by Anthony Marsh

Here it is, a pdf file, of a top secret project document from Russia, this file links NASA with the genome project, and ET's. It explains the timeline, as well as the glitches all of us have noticed on our pc's. We are in big trouble, because we "know" from our own expiriances here on NCN, that this information is factual and correct. This totaly explains it all. Now what are we going to do about it?
Takes a min to load.

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17 Feb 2004 @ 06:51 by jmarc : ok, I'm ready
for B.I. The world is as we dream it,so let's dream big.  

17 Feb 2004 @ 20:54 by magical_melody : Glitches on pcs?
Bushman, what do you mean about the glitches? and how do we in NCN know this info is factual and correct? or that the doco is even authentic? I think it must have something to do with the emails from the future ey?

***This totaly explains it all. Now what are we going to do about it?

Explain what? As the PDF file loaded I saw that it was tied to the Coast to Coast program. Lots of fiction expressed on that show! and yet some important stuff has been aired on there too. I used to listen to it for a good stretch of time when Bell was host. One really needs to utilize discernment regards the content and the guests though, as with all else during these bizarre times we live in.

Hmmm. So I am curious about what you think can be done about it (define the it part please?) I am not trying to give you a hard time Bushman, just inquiring man.

Please clarify your comments above and your position. Thanks.

I agree with Jmarc that we need to dream big and beautiful!  

17 Feb 2004 @ 21:51 by bushman : Yep
Thats the it :} Dream big. Well the glitches I see because I'm on slow dial up, this lends itself to visualy monitor modem activity. The machine I'm on right now, has been in use for over 8 years, with out a reformat, I just add another hard drive if I need more space. So for me I know how this machine runs and feels, if that makes sence, lol, point is , it's doing things it shouldnt be able to do, I had to make it pretend it was a pentium2 to play my games, thing is, sometimes it does things a pentium4 does, I have no idea why or how, but when it does weird stuff, the clock jumps ahead, then back to the right time. Sure, the pdf could be a total hoax, but I'd be kickin my own butt if it turned out to be true, and didn't share it while it's available. People in my family run this country, so I can apply what I saw growing up, and see the same people in power now. If this pdf is correct, than we all know, that chaneling, remoteviewing, and all the other realities can exist, so dream big, and don't try to understand, since we do what we do by nature. I personaly believe the document is true and not fake, just as the lost city and lost dutchman mine I found 2 years ago, all I did was look at the puzzle pieces, and found that all the pieces fit, and then the question arose, why would the gov want to hide the giant races, and thier cities, what was it they did that caused them to die out?, what will cause our race to die out?, where did all the anasazi disapper to? How does this info fit in with the Mayan calender? I found out the Mayan calender predicts past iceages, and solar anomolies. Why does it end at 2012? Seems obviouse to me, since I have seen some anciant drawings on rocks that to me shows a huge sun and a land mass on Mars, this is a cycle, the sun expands or the reason the natives made the sun really huge in the drawing with Mars in the center, I think what they are saying is it's going to get really hot due to solar effects, not global warming totaly by humans, this will throw us into a new ice age. Also the Hopi stories, of the last shift, half of them were taken underground, half of them were taken by the star people, this drawing tells the story of those that got taken to Mars, and the land mass in the drawing of Mars is acurate as anything we got today of that land mass, once things got back to normal they got returned to right here where I sit. And the pdf basicly is talking about the next shift and how they plan to get some of us to that land mass on Mars, bet me :}. I know enough about how stars work, they can become unstable and some stars can expand, some stars can blow off thier extirior shell, I can tell you this, if our sun was to do that we would be toast. I think the people on NCN know that what we do goes far beyond space and time, that when we are in our own thought and in the now things happen. Just be carefull what we wish for. :}  

20 Feb 2004 @ 21:27 by magical_melody : Okay...
You sound all over the place with your response, but yet it appears as though your puzzle pieces are fitting together for you.

Your family runs the country?? Can you say more about this? Thanks.  

20 Feb 2004 @ 22:17 by bushman : Has to be the ADDH
lol,sorry. As for the running of the country, we have a group of mason/shriners, these people are basicly trying to make the judicial system part of the republican party. My uncle Gaylord Campbell was appointed US marshal by Nixon, in person I might add. My dads cousin is Bob Mardian, he was the assistant attorny general, by Nixon. When my uncle retired, he became Regans campaine manager, and on it goes to this day. My dads sister, who is married to the ex US marshal has strait out told me that the constituion and the bill of rights should be torn up, as she used to transport prisoners. They are fashists, and rober barons, thats all I will say about it here. :}  

21 Feb 2004 @ 19:38 by magical_melody : ONE VOICE!
Yes I see. Well it's time for each of us to find our voice, and to work with alternative systems to get it heard so that we mobilize our ONE Voice into change.

Have you heard of {link:http://www.indymedia.org|Indymedia?} I am just now looking at the site and was at a meeting this morning where the issue of media came up. World-wide issue!!! I am so tired of hearing how controlled the media is and how we just cannot get the word out or the coverage we need! Oh please!

We must go out of all of the current systems as they are just too manipulated and controlled. I am finding that a sense of humor during these times is essential so that we don't go nuts being upset with what is, and aren't impatient with who/what isn't yet in-form--ed. I see that we need to work together to generate the monies to empower some of these alternative programs, &/or develop new technologies to create new methods of communications that cannot be tampered with. I believe this is already happening. We just can't wait til the world returns into integral telepathy. LOL.  

21 Feb 2004 @ 19:55 by bushman : Ya :}
I know, somehow, there has to be a non violent solution, I do think it's in numbers of participants. Been to Indy :} I think it's all out there to be had, just have to have the knowledge of what all the puzzle pieces do. But at least all the pieces are out there, not so hidden anymore. And of course this sounds crazy, lol, but, I think if we feed the info out there now that the gov has its data vacume database, the main computer might just become aware enough to accually shut them down, order food drops to the ones that need it, the computers run all that gov stuff, it would be ironic, if the super computer decided to hack itself, believeing it's an extention of the people, lol.  

26 Feb 2004 @ 05:55 by Ashanti @ : Thanks, Bushman
For bringing it to our attention. The document matches my personal experience and knowledge.  

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