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 New form of Web Bots.6 comments
4 Jan 2004 @ 18:36, by Anthony Marsh

These new Bots can read the future thru internet traffic?
Specificly targeting chat rooms and forums that post large amounts of text. Seem very intresting. :}

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4 Jan 2004 @ 19:14 by swanny : Yea Interesting
I wonder though most of the impact or meaning of communication
lies not in the words though but in the tone and body language

sir swan  

4 Jan 2004 @ 19:44 by bushman : Well
I would say that body language and tones do play a major roll in communication as to individuals, but a Bot only needs to find info, and then share that info with other Bots that filter out things and then comming up with a paragraph or so of info as to what may transpire in the future, in perdicting world events. So what the link is saying is, that a Bot capable of reading 1000's of random mgs of text, can somehow, fortell the future. I supose a fussy logic Bot would gain some sort of body language depending on what it has read on the net, and what it decided radomly about the info, as too jump up and down and yell out, hey look this is going to happen next week, and tell all the other Bots about it in a way they too see it as important to yell out and jump around. :}  

5 Jan 2004 @ 02:38 by vaxen : And...
those 'BOTS' can are 'pro-grammed' by human 'bots' who have very human agendas so...let's program the programmers of the bots through meme'd do that we shall be able to govern the overallness of the phatic future being foretold by the botted bots...let them eat cake! ;) Thanks bushman.


5 Jan 2004 @ 02:53 by vaxen : Whoaaaa....
Mongo trepiditiously out mongoes himself! "Tipping Point Event As A Model "Entity!"

"Yo Neo, look at how the 'scatter chart points' 'cluster!' This is the 'core' of the technology."--Amorpheus-- "Legends of Time"--

"-condensing into high "dot density" areas which we call "entities" and then dissolving or diffusing over time as the entities change."

"Do a drill down into a dot and you get a series of phases..."


5 Jan 2004 @ 05:26 by jmarc : go watch the tote board at
the race track.Most individual bettors don't have a clue which horse will win, but the tote board knows, a good percentage of the time which ones will be "in the money".  

6 Jan 2004 @ 12:28 by ming : Web Bots
Hm, interesting. Actually fits with some things I've been thinking of pursuing. I'd like to know what algorithms they're actually using, to find out if I actually believe in it.

If it takes weeks to wade through lots and lots of text in order to find something that seems to make sense - that seems a bit suspicious. Could of course, as they say, be because they haven't quite perfected it. Or because they're just looking through a lot of junk until they find something they have an intuitive hit on.

Reminds me a bit of reverse speech. Which, theoretically I think might work. But if 99% of what is there is junk, and it takes some considerable imagination to guess at what the rest might say, it isn't very reliable, of course.

But I believe very much in the possibility that one can gain very valuable insightful information from sufficient amounts of incidental (random) data. If one knows how to make the patterns show themselves.  

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