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 The new internet is online in beta test.7 comments
4 Jul 2003 @ 07:56, by Anthony Marsh

The grid system is up and running :}
See it here.

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4 Jul 2003 @ 08:19 by istvan : Can i suggest..
When you post a link do nut use the [ ] simbol The{ works only this time.  

4 Jul 2003 @ 08:23 by spiritseek : Great...
I can't wait for the unlimited storage of information and search. This is where it will happen, the world will have access everything. Follow the white rabbit.  

4 Jul 2003 @ 08:34 by bushman : I didn't
lol, it didn't go auto because of the numbers, I think, lol. Lets see I'll try to fix it, but , yep, it's the numbers, copy and paste works.  

5 Jul 2003 @ 12:09 by sharie : wow, thanks for the news...
I see only a glimmer of how this will change the future, but it is huge.

Thanks for the post.  

19 Jul 2003 @ 21:40 by rainbowfish : Mind-blowing!
It's hard to imagine anything making the world wide web obsolete, but it looks as though this could be it!  

8 Sep 2003 @ 19:10 by vaxen : Of course...
we were doing this in the Navy in 1962. Nobody wants to take cognizance of that fact and let that really sink in. Distributed computing is not new and University Professors have been contacting one another 'lab to lab' for decades.

There is a greater, and deeper, revolution going on in 'chips.' Think 'microtubules...'

But thanks for this, though belated, info...bushman, I know you're intersted and a part of this 're-volution.'  

8 Sep 2003 @ 19:38 by bushman : Hmm.
Yep, but even more intresting is, they are useing this system over the power grid. That means you can tap into it with the right equipment, this is also how they can transmit subliminal stuff on tv, without embeding it in the sound or picture, they can transmit thru light bulbs anything that gives off a electromagnetic field. How do I know this? Well when I lived in Pasadena, I had an account at a condo complex, one of my jobs was to check the light bulbs, I found this one light bulb giving off a very high squeel, was wierd to me, since it was burnt out you could see the filiment danggling, this was a clear bulb, I unscreewed it the sound stoped, put it back in I could hear it again, then I cupped my hands around it to make it dark, and there it was, a very low tempature arc jumping the broken filiment and it atatchment post, was a dark blue almost purple spark. Thats when I knew something sinister was going on, lol. I know the sound of high speed data when I hear it and see gaps flowing in the spark. I also know what a 60cycle signal sounds like, this was nowhere near 60hz, more like 256,000hz or higher. As fast or faster than a T3 connection.  

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