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picture8 Jun 2003 @ 10:40, by Anthony Marsh

Ever wonder how the millitary finds the right people for the job? Well, I know how they partly do it. Now that we have computers and games to play on them, but are they really games? I can say most games are just games, but there are a few war games out there that where made as millitary software, the citizen versions. These games are usualy played on a dedicated server or on your own, single player. The millitary monitors these games and do recrute from them, today we have a list of games that do just that, belive it or not. We have Americas army, redalert 2 and all the comand and conquer games, theres counter strike, where you have millitary, militias, and terrorists, with all the weapons they have and ones in development. You also have games that are sims, that simulate equipment and hardware, 10 years before they released to the public, the stealth fighter and boomber they had the flight sim out for them. Now they have released this, will your child become a pilot of one of these in 10 years? I found out a few years ago that someone was monitoring some of my war games , because it would cause lag in the game, very obviouse on a slow dial up and slow cpu, the millitary got smart, most the new wargames will only run on hi speed connection and a 1gh processor, so there is no lag. And they make it so you have to have the latest in pc hardware to even load the game, this is for a reason. Since the new millitary hardware and software, has to do more, what good is it to the millitary for a potental recrute to learn how to use the new weaponry with out the system to go with it? And that my friends is why the gov wants to have info and direct access to high school students. Easy tracking of an ace fighter pilot, or a natural snipper. They do this, without anyone knowing, not even the student, since they allready know the student in question has the know how and ability, they will dangle the carrot, in the hopes he/she will follow it.

I mostly play a game called redalert2 yuris revenge, my system barly runs it, but this makes it real easy to tell if theres a lets call it a glich in the matrix, lol, sometimes when your in team play against the computer on the dedicated server, the computer AI will all of a sudden either cheet or do something only a human could do, sometimes the server will drop one of your team mates and see what you do about it, or someone will take one of your units and start attacking your alie with it, this is the millitary testing you, and how strong your team is, they try to force you to declare war on your team mate if you anger easy , so many other things they try to find out about your true nature, and how fast you can change your tactics in a pinch without declaring war, I usualy just kill my own unit as a rouge, lol. We had one game where they made one enemy tank indestructable unless everyone on the team sent in troups after it, the thing tore us appart till we sent in everything we had against it as a team, lol. As well, in this game, the enemys are the enemeys in a real war now, the axis of evil was allready defined when this game first came out a year before 911, and the game cover shows planes chrashing into the world trade center, they planed the whole thing from the start, and as they do have the uas and its alies and russia and its alies, they don't even mention Isrial in this game yet they have the axis of evil that uses mind control devices and you got iran iraq with dirty nukes and bio weapons, so realistic situation in the game long befor 911. For more info on war gaming gov contractors, look up a person named Bonnie Crystal, she and her millitary friends wrote these games for one purpose, To find the naturals, and get them in the millitay.

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8 Jun 2003 @ 11:57 by jmarc : Reminds me of a movie
made back in the late 70s or early 80s called the last starfighter(i think thats the name) where the main character plays a game at the local arcade which is a space fighting game.He finally turns the game over(beats it), and is soon visited by real space fighters who tell him that the game was just a recruiting tool. This is definitely happening with the military,but it is quite out in the open. After all the local national guard armory has a big banner advertising the game, hanging on the chain link fence around the facility...You can visit the website on it, but i don't know the url. Maybe the next time i drive by there i'll remember to jot it down.  

8 Jun 2003 @ 14:25 by bushman : Yep :}
Seen that movie, was pretty cool. Glad Im too old to be recruted, lol.  

9 Jun 2003 @ 19:11 by martha : well
I think I'll play my war games off line. thanks for the info bushman.  

9 Jun 2003 @ 19:24 by bushman : Well
Being I'm 40 now, and I really stink at the games unless I'm working with a team, don't think I would be a prime choice for recrutment, but I would really like to get my hands on one of those babys, the amphibious model sounds like my cup of tea. :}  

10 Jun 2003 @ 06:11 by martha : hey bushy
maybe vax can help you find one of those babys. Hear he use to be military. Maybe he already checked out your game playing ability. And I'm 53 and that doesn't stop me from beating mikey (nearly 14) at age of empires. No tanks though, just the old stuff.  

10 Jun 2003 @ 09:02 by bushman : Educational value
Games like we play, and specialy age of empires have great educational value, in how efficiantly you use resources, and getting used to colateral damage, I need to learn war, so that I can understand its place, and hate to say it but war does have it's place. Those kids kick my butt, lol.  

10 Jun 2003 @ 09:30 by martha : yeah
i enjoy the strategy stuff also. Mikey has had his butt kicked so much by me that he hasn't wanted to play lately. Maybe we'll switch to low tech for awhile-cards. hahaha (unfortunately he already knows i was born with a deck in my hands--darn)  

10 Jun 2003 @ 11:20 by waalstraat : MM I'm surprised at you...
Don't you know you have to let the kids win one now and then...to keep them in there...so you can kick their little butts again...anyway that's how I did it with my little girl....  

11 Jun 2003 @ 07:02 by martha : well i didn't do it
with my daughter and she is one terrific card player. She can even have a poker face, unlike her ma.
Nope, mikey has to learn that when he beats me at a game he has really won a victory!!! He did win the first game we played of Age of Empires.  

11 Jun 2003 @ 07:58 by bushman : My girl
and I never played any games, she just wasn't intrested , ya, she liked mario brothers on nintendo, seemed that she liked the challenge of one being against imposable odds stuff. I took her on a climb when she was 4, C class climb, no ropes, she beat me to the top, lol. From that day forward, I never had to worry about her again.  

11 Jun 2003 @ 08:47 by martha : Interesting bushman
Sounds like you have one fearless offspring. My daughter would never have done that climb. She was rather awkward in her growing years. Legs too long LOL

I started playing games with her very early. Can't help it. In the blood. hahahaha  

11 Jun 2003 @ 20:21 by bushman : Ya, lol.
Shes more nuts than me, I wasn't happy with her at all for climbing up there, lol, I had told her to hang out at the bottom in case I fell to my death and didn't die, lol. I'm up about 300ft, and I hear, HEY STOP THAT KID, I'm thinking he thinks I'm a kid, so I look down and here's my kid like 10ft behind me, lol. She says, please get out of my way old man, like it was a walk in the park to her, lol. Crawled between my legs and past me. I will never get in her way again, lol. You can go and climb there or just check out the waterfall at least MM, it's in the Eaton Canyon park, right there in Pasadena, the climb is called Razorback Ridge, just before you get to the falls. Theres 3 waterfalls all together, but the first one is the best. You basicly have to climb razorback to get to the other 2 falls. Theres some more secrets, in Pasadena, and most of them are within walking distance if your in the bungalow haven. :}  

12 Jun 2003 @ 19:03 by bushman : Found her.
She got married, lol. Not Bonnie chrystal, it's Bonnie Ramthun. Here's her web site, she was the queen war gamer for the millitary.

13 Jun 2003 @ 00:40 by congo_joe : Off topic much?
this entire topic has shifted from backdoor military recruiting through video games to How bushy gets beat out by his four year old daughter going on a climb... Well it sounds like the old guys alright. Dagnabbit! do you know how long I've been lost!? and that other dang website states that yer all still on Livve... so there I was showing up for the chats on friday for like five months wondering where everyone was. Chances are you've forgotten me by now too Bush (unless you have a memory like a sponge) I've been going mad whenever I see something or read something because I think to myself " Bush and the others would get a kick outa this". But to make a long story short.. or a short story long.. not sure which I'm doing. I'm back people, and ready to toss a wrench into the proverbial gears again with my maniacle theories and banter. Oh and great post about the recruitment, I've heard a few instances of that and I've even noticed a few "AI glitches" that those facts would certainly help explain. Like enemy grunts snipering me with a machine gun from outside the AI perception range in Medal of Honor Allied assault... Just not a feasable abnornmality in the game structure. The Browning Automatic Rifle has never been known to hit a man in the head at modern day sniper distances. I say reinstitute the draft or use us as cannon fodder (sarcasm there boys and girls) but do not.. I repeat DO NOT screw with my high score!
P.S. It makes sense that I'd find you and come back on friday the 13th...  

13 Jun 2003 @ 07:44 by bushman : lol
Joe !!! where have you been, ya, my main goal in life, is finding those tributaries that do feed the main topic, and if you look deeply into the off topic stuff it is on topic, like we know the kids are advanced and awake and so does the millitary. :} I thought you were in jail, I even had a few people out looking for you. Yes the world needs you man, lol. My ICQ number is 6217837, It's great to see you again :}  

8 Oct 2003 @ 20:24 by med @ : want to be in military service
im not american but im really interesed to work in military service and help usa in iraq and other country,  

7 Apr 2004 @ 23:48 by Geoff Johnson @ : If any one can help
Ok im playin c@c on the N64 and tell me this isnt bad but i cant get past the second level so if anyone could help that would be great and if anyone needs help on anything just email me and ill try to help but if someone would help me get past the second level that would be great thanksand my email is flirttyman@yahoo.com  

8 Apr 2004 @ 08:37 by bushman : C&C on N64
Well I have to say, C&C on N64 is a pain in the butt, I cant even get past the first level, because the cursor action is too slow and inaccurate. Probably due to haveing played the pc version for so long, lol.  

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