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11 Apr 2003 @ 07:57, by Anthony Marsh

Seems to me there are others that may of found a way to the underground citys maybe. I don't feel these lost tourists have been captured, nor are they lost. Maybe these citys are anciant fallout shelters, for cosmic events. But it seems there is, something down there, and ways in, all over the planet. I supose that if there are citys down there, that are inhabited, they would not let you leave once you got there. Notice how they say most of the people that have disapered are germans or scandanavians? Reminds me of the nazi secret socitys, that took off to the antartic, and to Paru, and to here, in Sedona. Each place that is known to have tunnels to the underground citys. The story, and the story to cover it up, to look like foul play. Does the story tell you where to go, if you where part of these secret groups? Notice the story is by someone in Berlin.

Sahara tunnels could solve mystery of missing tourists
By Tony Paterson in Berlin
08 April 2003

Desert nomads were reported yesterday to have discovered an abandoned vehicle and a network of tunnels in a remote region of southern Algeria thought likely to provide clues about the mysterious disappearance of 29 western tourists in the Sahara over the past seven weeks.

Germany's ARD television channel said the off-road vehicle was found in a mountainous district north of the Algerian town of Tamanrasset at the weekend by a camel train of nomads passing through the region. The vehicle was left parked outside the entrance to a complex system of underground caves linked by tunnels. The nomads said they suspected the caves "were inhabited", although they had not entered the system to find out.

The nomads' find appeared to be the first clue so far in an increasingly desperate search for the missing tourists, whose number increased to 29 last week after Austria announced that eight of its citizens had disappeared in the region. Sixteen Germans, four Swiss and a Dutchman have gone missing in the Algerian Sahara since the beginning of March.

On Sunday, a team of five investigators from Germany's Federal Criminal Bureau were dispatched to Algiers to join Algerian and other German police in the hunt for the missing tourists. All 29 were in three groups that were exploring the region independently in off-road vehicles.

The last evidence of their whereabouts is a photograph taken by a friend of the missing tourists that shows six of the explorers with a car and three motorcycles while taking a break on a pass in the Algerian mountains on 21 February. Two days later, the first group disappeared. German and Algerian investigators suspect the tourists may have been taken hostage by a militant Islamist group, known as the Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC), which has links to al-Qa'ida. The GSPC is fighting the Algerian authorities and has been active in the central Sahara for years.

However, no ransom demand has so far been made. "We cannot rule out any possibility; there have been no demands," said a German Federal Criminal Bureau spokesman. He said the search had been widened to include the use of helicopters equipped with heat-seeking cameras.

German tour operators had recently insisted that Algeria's southern Sahara rated as a relatively problem-free area. However, Germany's Sahara Club, which organises trips to the region, strongly criticised the German Foreign Ministry yesterday for failing to do enough to warn tourists of the dangers. "The warnings have been inadequate. The Foreign Ministry and the Algerian authorities are overstretched. They cannot be counted on to help," it said in a statement.

The club claimed it had warned the German authorities about the dangers of the region some three weeks ago but had been ignored. It said it suspected the tourists had been captured by a "well-organised group" that had extensive contacts beyond Algeria's borders.

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11 Apr 2003 @ 11:14 by sharie : The Ways and Means of War
Watch for more reports of missing Europeans and missing Americans in muslim territories. The war mongers need this propaganda to get the public behind them in order to get the billions of dollars in public funds funnelled into their private bank accounts ... The billionaires on the Board of Directors of the weapons companies *will* eradicate anyone who gets in the way of their plans to rule the world. Lockheed Martin is the world's *largest* weapons manufacturer. Trillions of dollars in U.S. taxpayers funds have been funneled to these billionaires by way of the Pentagon budget, the H.U.D. budget, and others, as well as the trillions of dollars from the taxpayers of other countries, Australia, Israel defense forces, and on and on ad nauseum.

Lockheed Martin gets multi-million dollar contracts for postal services:

Here's an overview of some of their other corporations:

You know the saying, "Follow the Money". I've been following trillions of dollars in public funds spent on war weapons... much of it going to Lockheed Martin. Of course, those billionaires who pocket this money are not involved in starting the wars, or creating the propaganda, and they're not responsible for the mass murders that result from it. Not at all, never, it wouldn't be them, they are honest, decent businessmen who are trying to keep peace in the world. Just because they live in luxury (and are miserable) while infants and children are being blown to pieces, that's just the way of the world. It is NOT because of those who manage, preside, organize, or otherwise pocket money from these trillions of dollars in weapons spending. Absolutely not. No one will believe that could ever be true. No way.


11 Apr 2003 @ 18:04 by newdawn : interesting story, Anthony
the saying is "truth is stranger than fiction". I wonder what the truth is here...  

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:34 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123

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