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 Art Bell sells out.3 comments
picture5 Nov 2002 @ 12:34, by Anthony Marsh

As most of you know, Art Bell is retiring again, due to his bad back this time. If a mirical happened and his back was healed forever would it change his decision? I doubt it. I might belive that he just wants to live life and be happy before planet X zooms by, but I doubt that too just a little :}
As for him selling out, well, go here, lol.

Art, if you ever read this, I'd like to say that, I had hoped you wouldn't resort to coffee mugs and lighters, in the end.

Bushman :}

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5 Nov 2002 @ 20:09 by vaxen : Ah hey...
heh heh heh...It's all about El DInero, bushman, hate to say it but it's true. Maybe not for me and you but then...we are'nt so normal, now, are we? Guess ol Art just needs a buck or two and all will be well with him. As for me I stopped listening to him aeons ago so I appreciated your reports here and there now and then. This is an old world, bushman, the dusty road is long and the trail is winding and strewn with horrors and dangers but we know the way. Guess that is why we are so hard to find...and the idiots 'up there' in the 'White House' in the sky say "No where to run, no where to hide." But, really, that means for them, bushman san, only for them and their ilk. We have plenty of places to hide and plenty of places to run to and we remain invisible to their ultra scans and soft weaponry but we can see it all whilst remaining all 'ghostlike.' That has always been the case and training never ceases from the cradle to the grave...for us but, then, we're special, bushman, so very special. Take heart, then, and give a shout, a rebel yell that will reverberate round the worlds' canyons...this is our planet, bro. Just thought I'd let you know. ;)  

15 Nov 2002 @ 13:22 by neolux : he sure was fun
to listen to though huh bushman? he was quite a groundbreaker too, with the variety of things he discussed. i remember you pyrating him on mplayer bushman. those were the days huh? I sure will miss him when he finally does sign off for the last time. He and his guests have sure given us all more than enough deep subjects to mull over, thats for sure.  

22 Mar 2006 @ 18:22 by Sandy Clemons @ : sell out?????
Good grief, grow up. Even Art Bell has to eat and have a roof over his head...unless of course you and others who feel likewise have been sending him money all these years so that he can accomplish these humble goals...? How the devil else is he to pay for medical care, retirement and all the rest of the needs the rest of us work toward? So, until the day that all you critical types can say that you will always support Art Bell with your own signature at the bottom of your own check each and every month...til then folks...go look in the mirror. What do you do for the "dinero"? Chances are it is no more or less morally uplifting than what Mr. Bell is doing. Unless you ARE actually from another planet; try coming down off your high horse and facing the realities of life on THIS planet!  

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