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picture25 Oct 2002 @ 19:35, by Anthony Marsh

They suposedly dug 6 of these things up, they look to me like some sort of magnet, they look like they get kind of hot due to the cooling fins. What you think?
Ok, so now here's what pops up today, Sun 10-27-02.
Hmm,so the one in the new pics is new? Or did they try to copy the ones they found out in the desert?

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25 Oct 2002 @ 21:28 by vaxen : Hmmm...
my immediate, first, impression was that it was the housing from a jet turbine engine...the colored version adds the sphere but I'd have to see it in 3d before making further assumptions. The so called hieroglyphs are arabic writing. In fact the only full word I can make out is my last name! Now that is weird. There are Arabic numerals too. The number 9 and the number 18 and also the number zero...a few other arabic letters are easy to make out, too, but I'd have to see the complete text of the markings in order to translate it. The arabic is of the modern era so I would think that someone is hoaxing someone some where along the line...and the metal would appear to be???  

25 Oct 2002 @ 22:12 by bushman : Stone?
Kind of looks like thos braces where spot welded to stone. As for the writing I have no clue, but as I remember they said they think it says, ex lab cup 9, could be a hoax. A friend said they thought it was some old form of arabic/sanskrit, but like I said I don't have a clue, lol. Say I wonder if its a really big transistor?  

29 Oct 2002 @ 07:19 by vaxen : that's it...
ok, so now we know what the objects are. Pretty conclusive. Yest I wonder why it is so hard for these people to realise that the so called 'hieroglyphs' are Arabic? They are Arabic script! I can tell you for certain that they are...I read and write Arabic!!! As I also told you the one word visible in the centeral portion of what was given on the site is my famlies last name. Odd and coincidental to me but there nevertheless. SO I wonder if it would be possible to get the entire rubbing? Could have been that the things were made, cast, in an Arabic or Arabic speaking country. THe Persians use Arabic script yet their tongue is not Arabic but an indo european derivative. So that, also, is a possibility. I also wonder what is the 'relevence of the discovery? ANy ideas bushman?  

29 Oct 2002 @ 17:53 by bushman : hmm
Well, could it be that someone found the entire device intact in the middle east? Im not sure if the writing is even on those devices, and would they use or write on it by hand? If it was manufactured in the middle east , it would explaine the arabic, but the text is not stamped or printed, which it should be if it was made when they say in the update, also the device in the update has sharp metal edges, where as the ones they dug up are rounded and look like stone. Maybe it was an arab guy who basicly found them and grafitied them with his name, could of been a relative of yours, maybe the numbers are a date that they where first found? Still seems to be something about these devices, thats not being said, Ialso think the new one in the update is what they said, but why they came up with it in the 80s and started the program in the 50s, still the ones they dug up look way older than 50 years, I still think all 6 of them are suposed to be atached a main device, the wheel, and I bet that wheel is under the middle east somewhere, some kind of generator maybe? So how did they come to be buryed in a north american desert? Maybe the gods decided that it needed to be dismantled before they left the planet and then moved those parts as far from the main part as they could. Even if they where found the chances that they would know where the rest of it was, and also the gods probably figured that the humans that survived would never gain the ability to transport them back and reasemble it. Or where they hazardous waste from the past? The one pictured in the update, could be a replacment part. Still theres something fishy. The new one looks a bit smaller too.  

5 Nov 2002 @ 14:11 by sharie : Only her hair dresser knows
Looks like a collage of trick photography to me - especially the color version.

How could they not know whether there were five or six others. There are either five or there are six, or somebody can't count, or...

I'm a skeptic on this one.  

12 Nov 2002 @ 07:15 by spiritseek : Looks like...
old farm equipment like the thrasher or logger. Could be military dumping ground for old airplane parts. I missed what state this is in?  

12 Nov 2002 @ 17:50 by bushman : It dosn't say.
That pic showed up awhile ago on Brad Steiger's web site, all that was said was 6 of them where dug up on a millitary base in the southwest desert of north america. The second link shows and tells it was some millitary project with magnetics. But the ones the dug up look way older than 50 years or so.  

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