LOST TRIBE, Wandering's ...: NASA Images Find 1,750,000 Year Old Man-Made Bridge    
 NASA Images Find 1,750,000 Year Old Man-Made Bridge5 comments
picture10 Oct 2002 @ 14:00, by Anthony Marsh

WASHINGTON (PTI) -- The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, as mentioned in the Ramayana.

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10 Oct 2002 @ 18:12 by martha : 1,750,000
It boggles the mind to think this bridge might be that old. And that it was built. I wonder how high the water was than.  

10 Oct 2002 @ 18:49 by scotty : It was floated into place ...!
thought you might like to see some images about this legend ...


More pics at this link...

10 Oct 2002 @ 19:21 by bushman : Hmm
Well, it had to be alot lower than it is now. One thing is if the mid atlantic ridge spreads about 12 centimeters a year, so just how far is 21,000,000 centimeters, like in miles? And in this news log is a map thats 120 million years old in stone, it shows man made dams, and other man made water chanels. So my question is that it might not be a bridge, but a dam, if you look at the picture, it has the shape of a dam like hover dam, it has a 2 lane road on top of it. I also think north america was alot closer to europe and then something caused the atlantic to form and spread, if Atlantice was right there just outside of the mediteranian sea, as Homer says, then it was very easy to see how people moved around before whatever happened, happened. Its also posable that the planet was mostly frozen, and the only good land was on the equator, then something caused all the ice to melt, and its still melting to this day. Its the same road we are on, maybe , they where burning oil and useing other chemicals. And then heres something to think about, all the native plants, could be man made from the past, in places or what we call jungles, so many plants and other things are there in pockets. Now imagin Los Angeles, it has over 2000 plant nurserys, the majority of the plants are man made or at the very least manipulated in some way, these nurserys also have what we call exotic plants. Now lets say we humans kill ourselves off or some catastrophy hits and stops mankind from doing anything but survive. I can see the new jungles spread over most of LA, lol. Now look at the Incas and Mayans, there abandon citys are covered in jungles, and most of the exotic plants come from there. Around and around we go? It is mind boggling for sure, since we pretty much know that whoever was here on this planet before, where very advanced, and now they are gone. Why, is the bigest question of all, and I think the government and science know the answer, and don't want us to know since they are on that same road as before. These little tid bits of info from the way distant past are comeing out very slowly, that is proof that they are filtering the info, we hear of these finds eventualy, but, Im sure they knew this bridge/dam was there a long time ago, like how many shutles have pased over that spot? lol.  

10 Oct 2002 @ 19:27 by bushman : Cool
Didn't see your post Scotty. :} So thiss pic shows the water being right there and not that deep. Um, Scotty, they have tails! That is very significant, The diety Kokapelli had a tail. As do alot of other native american drawings of the other races that once lived. Intresting, thanks. :}  

22 Apr 2008 @ 12:24 by Abhijit saha @ : save it
this is a pride of india .Our central government should be save the creature

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