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 Tracking is not a lost art.2 comments
21 Sep 2002 @ 20:30, by Anthony Marsh

"For survivial, early man depended on his ability to track. Most people have drifted so far from their natural origins that the wild world is foreign ground. Not so in the case of Tom Brown, a completely natural man who developed hjs extraordinary skills as a tracker of lost people and fugitives by learning to read the outdoors. I have never heard of anyone else quite like Tom Brown, Jr. His story is fascinating."
-Roger Tory Peterson, author of the famous Peterson Field Guides

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22 Sep 2002 @ 03:32 by jazzolog : Lost In Joisey
My brother-in-law, Bryan, has been to Tom's school for a week's intensive---and you can see from Bushman's link it's in the wilds of New Jersey. Surviving in downtown Newark is one thing, but many don't know there's plenty of wilderness in that state---and the nickname Garden State is, or was, well chosen. Besides the danger of stumbling out onto a parkway, Tom's training is magnificent for learning survival. One of the features is learning to spend the night comfortably in a pile of leaves while naked. And you learn those pawprints too.  

24 Sep 2002 @ 14:04 by ming : Tracking
Sounds like fun. Should be required for all kids in highschool. Fascinating man.  

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