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2 Sep 2002 @ 20:03, by Anthony Marsh

This is probably one of the best flash stories out there , never know it may also hold some truth.
When you go here, a window will pop up, it's not an add, center it on your screen. If you are on dial up, it will be slow to load. Click enter and wait for it to load the stories trailer, after its over, then it will load the main page, ckick on STORY, let that load , and there you go chapters 1-19, and chapter 20 comes out on sept 3rd.
Awsome art work and an intresting story, it's made for mature audiance, means its rated M. Took me 2 days to veiw/read all the chapters, but was well worth it. :}

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1 comment

3 Sep 2002 @ 15:59 by tdeane : WOW!!!
Bushman, you have outdone yourself with this one! I always go to the links you post in your log, even if time does not always afford a comment. So far, I've only read the "Introius," but Gregg and I will be going back later today to continue the "trip." Love ~ Tricia  

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