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22 Aug 2002 @ 21:38, by Anthony Marsh

Ok, I'm hoping this is the last page, and the beginning of the end for those criminals that hold the american people and the world hostage.

303. This pattern of predicate acts caused a total $453,000.00 loss by plaintiff, and caused untold loss, including loss of life, with the other victims of defendants’ scheme.
304. The law as written says that none of these things could have happened if defendants really had been “doing duties as prescribed by law.” Defendants used the courts to violate clearly established law, submitted false claims, defrauded the American people, defrauded the United States, obstructed justice for others participating in tax fraud, corporate fraud, charities fraud, malicious prosecution, and other illegal criminal activity, which, taken as a whole, constitutes a highly sophisticated “racketeering enterprise” and a “domestic invasion against the United States.” NOTE: Hitler likewise took over the courts, then punished (sanctioned) anybody who complained about Third Reich employees.
305. The overall pattern shows that defendants’ scheme is consistent in these and many other cases. Another interesting note for the jury is defendants’ blanket granting of “immunity” to corrupt local government employees and each other in knowing violation of the very laws defendants take Oaths to protect. Congress states that defendants do not have the option to “pick and choose” which laws they feel like enforcing, or to “make it up as they go along” to get each other “off the hook” after committing robbery, fraud and swindle “under color of official right.”
306. Defendants have conspired to deny plaintiff of the economic benefit of qui tam relator’s reward, by falsely asserting that Title 31 is also void in suits against corrupt government.
307. There must be accountability. No matter how many laws get passed, such as Federal Employee Accountability Act, Anti-Corruption Act, Anti-Kickback Act, National Uniformity Act, the problem just gets worse. Sooner or later, the American people will find out that here is yet another federal agency, OFFICE, which has just been taking money under false pretenses, and not doing their job, like the INS (the 911 attacks), SEC (Enron, Anderson Accounting) and FBI (missing palm pilots, guns sold to criminals, agents indicted for stock fraud, etc.). But none of this would have happened if Congress’s beautiful laws had been enforced as written with no cover-ups, and with accountability for all criminal activity. Congress’s legislative intent in Title 28 U.S.C., the F.R.C.P.s, Title 18 U.S.C., Title 31 U.S.C. or Title 41 U.S.C. is to hold defendants “accountable as prescribed by law.” Defendants cannot have it both ways. If defendants and co-conspirators had “absolute judicial immunity,” they would not be required to be Bonded and Insured. Either the laws must be enforced as written to deter “organized crime” and corrupt conduct committed by “whoever,” to reclaim our wonderful civic institutions and form of government, or else we can just shut down all state and federal courts, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, as nothing happens there except bribery and corruption. Defendants have gotten each other to issue determinations in the federal records that the Constitution, statutes, Amendments, and Acts of Congress are “unintelligible gibberish,” “figments of the imagination,” “fail to state a claim,” “do not apply in this case,” “vexatious,” or are “too verbose and confusing.” So those courthouses should be closed, save the American people’s money, and put big signs on the doors: “No Civil Remedies Available Here!”
WHEREFORE, plaintiff prays for judgment, awarding her:
A. Immediate indictment and prosecution of all defendants, co-conspirators, and offenders.
B. Immediate restraint of all prohibited racketeering activity pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1964(a) Civil remedies by issuance of the appropriate orders, including, but not limited to: ordering any person to divest himself or herself of any interest, direct or indirect, in any enterprise; imposing reasonable restrictions on the future activities or investments of any person, including, but not limited to, prohibiting any person from engaging in the same type of endeavor as the enterprise engaged in, the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce; or ordering dissolution or reorganization of any enterprise, making due provision for the rights of innocent persons.
C. Relief for plaintiff and the other victims (“targets”) pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. § 1512, Section 2 of Pub.L. 97-291(b) and Section 6 of Pub.L. 98-473 consisting of arrest of the accused persons, return of property belonging to the victims (“targets”), and due process, jury trials, and injunctive relief for all the victims (“targets”) as demanded in their Complaints;
D. Civil penalties in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) for each wrongful act of the defendants;
E. Treble damages, by multiplying the total awarded damages by three;
F. An award to plaintiff of 15% to 25% of the proceeds of qui tam action under Title 31 U.S.C. § 3730(d);
G. An award and relief to plaintiff for defendants’ wrongful use of federal facilities for criminal profiteering, and for obstruction of justice;
H. Punishment of defendants under the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001;
I. An award and relief to plaintiff for defendants’ violation of the Anti-Corruption Act of 1988, 18 U.S.C. § 1341, against plaintiff;
J. Costs of this action under Title 31 U.S.C. § 3729;
K. Reasonable costs, attorneys fees, expenses to plaintiff including Title 31 § 3730(d);
L. A damn good explanation for all this from each defendant;
M. Such other relief as is just and proper.
308. I, plaintiff Janet I. Fischer, plaintiff in the above entitled action, do swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, that the foregoing is of my personal knowledge, being true and correct, and admissible against all defendants to establish the “existence of a civil conspiracy to use the courts as a racketeering enterprise, to use the courts to establish and collect fraudulent liens, debts and judgments, to obstruct justice in order to evade prosecution for co-conspirators doing fraud and swindle, to submit false claims, to deny qui tam relator’s reward, and to deny citizens due process rights pursuant to the 1997 Amendment of Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 801 et seq.
DATED this 1st day of August, 2002

Respectfully submitted,

Janet I. Fischer, plaintiff
17954-A S. Euclid Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 393-3610

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