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19 Aug 2002 @ 09:19, by Anthony Marsh

Two 911 Jetliners EXCEEDED
Their Software Barriers. How much more proof does the american people need?

Two 911 Jetliners EXCEEDED
Their Software Barriers

Submitted by Anonymous 8-17-02

The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls.

They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the cockpit controls. They are limited to approximately 1.5 g's, I repeat, one and one half g's. This is so that a pilot mistake cannot end up breaking grandma's neck.

No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.

The plane that hit the Pentagon approached or reached its actual physical limits, military personnel have calculated that the Pentagon plane pulled between five and seven g's in its final turn.

The same is true for the second aircraft to impact the WTC.

There is only one way this can happen.

As well as fully autonomous flight capability, the 767 and 757 are the ONLY COMMUTER PLANES MADE BY BOEING THAT CAN BE FLOWN VIA REMOTE CONTROL. It is a feature that is standard to all of them, all 757's and 767's can do it. The purpose for this is if there is a problem with the pilots, Norad can fly the planes to safe destinations via remote. Only in this flight mode can those craft exceed their software limits and perform to their actual physical limits because a pre existing emergency situation is assumed if this mode of flight is used.

Terrorists in fact did not fly those planes, it is totally and completely impossible for those planes to have been flown in such a manner from the cockpit. Those are commuter aircraft, not F-16's and their software knows it.

Another piece of critical evidence: the voice recorders came up blank.

The flight recorders that were recovered had tape that was undamaged inside, but it was blank. There is only one way this can happen on a 757 or 767. When the aircraft are commandeered via remote control, the microphones that go to the cockpit voice recorder are re routed to the people doing the remote controlling, so that the recording of what happened in the cockpit gets made in a presumably safer place. But due to a glitch in the system on a 757/767, rather than shutting off when the mic is redirected the voice recorder keeps running. The voice recorders use what is called a continuous loop tape, which automatically re passes itself past the erase and record heads once every half hour, so after a half hour of running with the microphones redirected, the tape
will be blank. Just like the recovered tapes were. Yet more proof that no pilot flew those planes in the last half hour.

Eight of the hijackers who were on those planes called up complaining that they were still alive. I'd bet you never heard about our foreign minister flying to Morocco and issuing an official apology to the accused, did you? No, terrorists did not fly those planes, plastic knives and box cutters were in fact too ridiculous to be true. Any of the remaining accused have certainly been sought out and killed by now.

Our information IS controlled

The cell phone calls from the aircraft could not have happened. I am a National Security Agency trained Electronic Warfare specialist, and am qualified to say this. My official title: MOS33Q10, Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing/Storage Systems Specialist, a highly skilled MOS which requires advanced knowledge of many communications methods and circuits to the most minute level. I am officially qualified to place severe doubt that ordinary cell phone calls were ever made from the aircraft.

It was impossible for that to have happened, especially in a rural area for a number of reasons.

When you make a cell phone call, the first thing that happens is that your cell phone needs to contact a transponder. Your cell phone has a max transmit power of five watts, three watts is actually the norm. If an aircraft is going five hundred miles an hour, your cell phone will not be able to 1. Contact a tower, 2. Tell the tower who you are, and who your provider is, 3. Tell the tower what mode it wants to communicate with, and 4. Establish that it is in a roaming area before it passes out of a five watt range. This procedure, called an electronic handshake, takes approximately 45 seconds for a cell phone to complete upon initial power up in a roaming area because neither the cell phone or cell transponder knows where that phone is and what mode it uses when it is turned on. At 500 miles an hour, the aircraft will travel three times the range of a cell phone's five watt transmitter before this handshaking can occur. Though it is sometimes
possible to connect during takeoff and landing, under the situation that was claimed the calls were impossible. The calls from the airplane were faked, no if's or buts.

I hope I made sense, if you have questions I will respond if possible. If I do not respond, please research this out yourself, search the boeing site, search the DARPA site, search were you have not searched before. Some of the information is classified and leaked by individuals, and it is also being scoured from the net. I have all of the original documents on my computer to safeguard against this.

Please do not ignore this, because only Norad has the flight codes for those aircraft, we did 911 to ourselves. Hitler had the Reichstag, we have 911. If 911 proves to not be enough to make the US citizenry set aside its rights for safety, the people who did 911 most certainly have access to nuclear material. 911 must be exposed for what it was before that material is used.


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20 Aug 2002 @ 22:08 by vaxen : 'Fraid so...
bushman. Ah well. This people will not believe the truth. They, in fact, are incapable of seeing through the lie. This populace of contemporary USA 2002 has been so totally brainwashed from cradle to grave that I feel there is no chance in hell that they will ever wake up. They will go to their doom praising their jaded 'leaders.' That's just how it is. Might as well prepare for that day. It is here and now...thanks bro.  

20 Aug 2002 @ 23:24 by scottj : Knock Knock anybody at home??
Make sure you read the letter in response to this article. (appended below)

It sounds to me like this is yet another example of ultra-paranoid-conspiracy theory at work.

What is really amazing is that otherwise intelligent people totally uncritically fall for crap like this. When will they realise that this stuff is totally disempowering? It leaves you incapabable of doing anything except wait for doomsday. Vaxens input states that philosophy very succinctly.

Lets face it if these deluded individuals didn't appear of themselves the State would have to invent them, and if there is any conspiracy going on it is a very low budget, low tech exercise by the US Govt to spread these kind of fantasies. Nothing discredits the serious NewCiv movement more than being associated with the lunatic theories of these Xfiles Gurus.

If you want conspiracies forget this rubbish it is only put there to muddy the waters. Follow the money instead that's where the action is. Stop seeing Bush, Cheney et al as politicians, see them as corporate front line soldiers because that is what they are, nothing more nothing less. KISS

Footnote: I subscribe to cock up theory of history which in this case is vindicated by the huge amount of evidence to suggest that the US Govt had enough prior knowledge to prevent this tragedy. Whether Bush and his cohorts deliberately turned a blind eye is another matter. IMO the place to watch at the moment is Saudia Arabia. Bin Laden carefully chose Saudis for this adventure correctly sensing that destabilising the US / SA relationship was the key to the Middle East religious confrontation. It seems he has a willing ally in the form of George W Bush ................

Here is the letter to the Jeff Rense site (I wonder how much lucre JR makes parasitising off of people's gullability?)

From Ray Hudson
Principal Engineer
Flight Control Systems
(Company name on file)

Hi Jeff,

I had better chime-in to counter the blatant falsehoods from this story on your site.

Here are the easiet de-facto falsehoods to point out:

** The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability,
they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight.

While many airplanes have automatic landing capability (more than just 757/767)
there are NO commercial airliners that are "fully autonomous". For example, the FAA
has no certification guidelines for certifying things like automated landing gear,
automated flaps, etc. All of these systems are required to be operated by human
pilots to put the airplane in a landing configuration.

Furthermore, there are NO airplanes that have an automatic takeoff capability. It can
be done, but the operational considerations are what has prevented the FAA from
adopting certification guidelines until only the last few years. And even though there
are guidelines of how to certify auto takeoff, no one has done it.

** They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely
without a pilot at the controls.

Complete baloney. The anonymous writer does not know anything about
commercial airplane design.

** They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error
cannot cause passenger injury.

Wrong again! The ONLY airplanes that have software-imposed HARD LIMITS on
flight maneuvers are the A320, A330, and A340 series of Airbus airplanes. The
design philosophy of Boeing in this area has ALWAYS been "soft limits" that the
pilot can exceed given his/her discretion. Force deterrents on the control yoke are
used to give the pilot a "hint" that they are exceeding the flight envelope. However,
Boeing does NOT impose hard limits.

**Though they are physically capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their
flight control systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the
cockpit controls.

Incorrect. This is half-truth. Such limits ARE imposed on the AUTOPILOT. However,
once the pilot disconnects the autopilot, the pilot has full maneuver authority within
the MECHANICAL limits of the flight control actuation system.

I will not go any further, for the rest is ridiculous claptrap.

Ray Hudson




21 Aug 2002 @ 12:39 by scottj : I know they have the tech that
there is no doubt of but my question is could any of these crooks, liers and madman get it together to organise anything as big as 911. Osama could do it with some dedicated headcases, a smart plan and some cardboard cutters but I can't see the US Govt getting ti together. Maybe fanaticism is the missing link. Bush and co are not fanatics, they just don't have the fire in their souls necessary to do something like this.

Yes the tech is being held back, its being held back by corporations in order to make bigger profits. Microsoft is the biggest and best example but its everywhere and I have not doubt we could be on the moon in numbers if there was a profit in it.

As to knowing something only when u see it, I'm not even totally convinced on that either. When we step out from the conventional on true and false we end up in a sea of probabilities. I feel comfortable with that. I don't need to know that much, maybe I don' t need to know anything and I can get by just by following the probabilities. This tells me this story is 99.99% certain to be phoney and my money on the .oo1% is that this guy Rense is paid by the US Govt so that this other stooge can shoot him down and make people like you and me look like idiots.

I knew of some Masons in the UK and the worst they could do was hassle people by speaking to someone and getting a tax investigation against a target or maybe some traffic violations. That was heavy enough but when it comes down to the bigger deals these people will cut each others throat to get ahead. Trust and solidarity are not part of their ethical vocabulary.

If I knew a truth along the lines of which you talk and thought I could expose it in the right way I would do it without hesitation and regardless of the consequences too. Is this not what the Evil we are standing against is incapabable of?  

21 Aug 2002 @ 14:19 by bushman : It's a setup
Don't you think that most gov's know what caused the destruction of those advanced races? What the set up is, is to get control of the planets resourses, get it all into safe places, for later just exacly what the anciants did. The worst destruction comes while we are celebrating peace, why would that be so? It's because they know. A 33 degree mason is as high as you can go as a mason, a 34 degree mason is a shriner, How many more degrees makes you an illuminati? Masonic rule #1 is - loose lips sink ships, I belive they can easily pull off anything they want when they want. Theres more than enough proof that the masons have factions just as gangs do. They are at war with themselves, the 911 attack was a message from the other factions. And had nothing to do with the american people, it was for that corperate faction. Since our gov wants to keep the truth hidden, they through it on the public so we would back them with our hard erned money. Matter of fact its no strech of the truth to say, that none of us would ever get into the upper echelons of the gov with out being a mason/shriner. Like I said I would have no trouble backing this gov if they just came clean and gave us the choice and didn't eliminate those that choose differently, but the inturnment camps went in back in 1984 via the rex84 bill, which I might add was tacked onto a hyway bill and voted in . We can't even of said no to the patriot act since we didn't even know till it was law, our congess voted it in with out our consent and the facts be known, they didnt even have it in print for them to read, before they voted it in . We need to resend that act, right away, since you are right in that it takes time to get things in place for the gov to enforce it. Maybe the best way to solve it is to have the last vote. We do a yay or nay vote to keep the constitution and bill of rights, or not to keep them, simple as that, then and only then will I not go against the powers that be, if the voters say loose them then there will be no reason for me to fight for them, since everyone will have knowingly made that choice for thier future. Give the people what they want. Or what they think they want, lol. I didn't get the oprtunity to vote on things we the people had the right to vote for, neither did anyone else.  

29 Nov 2005 @ 21:25 by samantha @ : meaness
i think you shouldn't do this anymore  

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