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21 Jul 2002 @ 09:35, by Anthony Marsh

Well, I ran accross this site, and now more than ever, Im on to the past, I know now that what I found out here is the anciants landing point and the hand carved cave in the rocks must be the place they stored thier worldly goods , the past is revealed again :}

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21 Jul 2002 @ 10:13 by neolux : lost tribes
so i guess mel brooks got it right in the movie "Blazing Saddles" when he had the indians speaking yiddish. Maybe he really is the 2000 year old man.  

21 Jul 2002 @ 14:17 by bushman : Never know
Could be, but with what they found in the grandcanyon in 1906, it's fairly posable that they are the Lost Tribes. Just before the last destruction of atlantis they set sail for open water to be safe and ended up landing in the inland sea that was most of the southwest. This also explaines why the navy is so involved in nasa and in the past, it was those in the navys that survived what ever happened to this planet. Im betting that the navy knows what happened then and what is comming, it was a navy jets I saw out in the desert, it was a navy jeep that showed up when I triped their alarm at the space bank, in pasadena ca, space bank is a storage place that anyone can rent at, my cousin builds surfboards there, next door was a xerox corp building, they where doing gov contracts, and in the space bank was containers for trucks, but what set the alarm off was when I reached through a hole in the wall of a tin building at space bank, with in 1 min there was the navy mp in the jeep, just asked us if we saw anyone in the building, lol. Anyway the story is the navy has a tunnel that runs under the 605 freeway, then connects with edwards afb under the mountains, there is a side tunnel that runs to the space bank where one of those containers is an elevator, theres also a reserve base 1 or 2 blocks from the space bank, its right next to the 210 freeway and you can smell ocean, the reason you smell ocean is that those tunnels where made for subs to travel through, and there has been reports that most of CA sits on undersea caverns as well. Anyway I personaly think the navy is the ones in charge of the whole thing. That also explains why the courts and schools and other state and gov offices use the flag with the yellow boarder fringe, since that is a navy flag , and the yellow boarder means marshal law/ maritime law.  

21 Jul 2002 @ 20:37 by istvan : Noah
I always suspected Noah was a secret naval agent.  

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