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 Free energy, for a new civilization?4 comments
28 Mar 2002 @ 19:50, by Anthony Marsh

It's patented and going into production.

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29 Mar 2002 @ 00:05 by shawa : Let´s hope...
... that nothing bad happens to these scientists!...For - if this is true, good bye oil!...And do you think *they* will accept that ?  

29 Mar 2002 @ 07:48 by bushman : Tesla
This is Tesla tech, so it's been around for a long time. Thing is, its so simple that they could of done this with a load stone 10,000 years ago. Another plus for this device is that because its so simple, people will just make thier own. Basicly all this thing is , is a very strong rare earth magnet with wire wraped around it , that loops wire ends are connected together with a diode that osolates makeing ac voltage with-in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, that first loop of wire is then wraped in another loop of wire, these are the wire ends you use for the electricity, basicly a transformer, its way simple, remember early diodes where of germanium, just another rock, lol. Tesla used vacume tubes to make the osolations of the field.  

29 Mar 2002 @ 09:36 by scottj : well i was always taught that
there was no such thing as free lunch but, heh, lets not let the laws of thermodynamics get in the way of a good joke.  

7 Apr 2002 @ 00:42 by tdeane : Great Log!!!
What an "up"?!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could concentrate on those things we CAN do, and keep searching them out, instead of what we can't do? Lesson for me, obviously.(grin)

My nephew works for a company that installs devices on phones which allow free long distance. I'm trying to get the information together to share as you have, and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually hear each others' voices once in awhile, without it costing an arm and a leg? Thanks for posting this, Bushman. ~ Much love, Tricia  

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