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5 Mar 2002 @ 16:20, by Anthony Marsh

Here you go, its free and it works.

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5 Mar 2002 @ 23:41 by jazzolog : Thin Air
Know anyone who's tried this, Bushman? I'm yearnin' to get past oil altogether, and on to another technology that'll drag these bones from one place to the next. How 'bout you?  

6 Mar 2002 @ 00:01 by shawa : Does it really work?
Could some enlightened mechanic prove this to be valid ? Could someone please build it ? I promise to bring it to Europe if it does work!  

6 Mar 2002 @ 17:00 by bushman : Yep
From the drawings , like a vaporizer they use to run you car on propane, alot larger but is basicly the same. And as to better things than oil, yes indeed I will on day be running this old beast of mine on water. Theres a young guy in canada that came up with a way to convert any internal combustion engine to run on water, hes 23 years old, his name is Dr, Ryan Gregson. Basicly they use frequencys of ultraviolet light to seperate the hydrogen and oxygen right there in the heads. Then both the gases are injected on either side of the cyilender , they mix and pow, back into water again. Its a very safe system. You still have to start it on gasoline, but once its running you switch over to the water system and shut off the gasoline.
Just so you know, I was a propane tech for 15 years, southern california propane, I did mostly dual fuel conversions on fleets, we also converted 2 stroke atv's to propane for movie stunts.
I've been on the edge of this new civilization most of my life, I will work with any one to make my truck run on water and also to get everyone off the grid and into the grid, as it stands out here where I am we could cover our 22,000 sqr ft of roof with solar panels, we could power all of Sedona. Will the boss go for it? He would if they wern't so ugly on the landscape. But I am looking into a way to use the trees to generate power. :}  

7 Mar 2002 @ 00:09 by jazzolog : More Power to You
Amazing stuff, buddy. I hope I live to see it!  

4 Aug 2003 @ 11:14 by Michael @ : What's the new propane site?
I have several propane conversion systems, for use on my truck but none get the stated SUPER milage, where did the site offering that go?  

4 Aug 2003 @ 15:23 by bushman : ?
Don't know what site your refering to. But I think it was a 2 stroke desil conversion, useing propane as a booster. It looks like the site for the gasoline vaporizer has been removed, or changed, Ill try to see if I can find it. In the mean time, check out this info on frozen sparkplugs, and other hardened components.
{http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=cryogenic+spark+plugs&btnG=Google+Search} This is what you would have to do to get high milage out of propane. High compression like 12 to 1 +, a turbocharger, and a water ionizer. stainless steel heads and valves with hardened brass seats, you should also install stainless steel sleaves in the cilinders, any engine component that comes in contact with vaporized water should be hardened stainless steel. You need hardened graphite rings, and you could just porciline coat the piston tops. Also there is info on useing magnetrons, in place of spark plugs, a steam engine conversion, is totaly posable if you use stainless steel.

Ah, found this info.

From 76570.2270@compuserve.comSat Oct 28 17:38:42 1995
Date: 28 Oct 95 15:57:18 EDT
From: Eugene Mallove
Reply to: vortex-l@mail.eskimo.com
To: Vortex
Subject: Lawnmower Man

Someone sent me a hard copy of this and I transcribed it. May make for some
fun experiments connected with cavitation, steam, and O-U.

Gene Mallove

From: Pat_Pelletier@mindlink.bc.ca (Pat Pelletier)
Newsgroups: sci.engr
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 95 10:54:05 - 0700
Organization: MIND LINK! - British Columbia, Canada

I am posting the following for a friend who does NOT have access to Internet.
Comments welcomed.


The prupose of this notice is to place into public domain something which I
invented so that it may be patented and in order to prevent it's use from
being restricted in any way.

The device is an engine in which small quantitites of water are turned into
steam by the use of a magnetron (as found in microwave ovens).

Interested parties may wish to try this test: Place a few drops of water into
a clear plastic 35mm film roll holder and put the cap on the film roll holder.
Place in a microwave oven and turn the oven on. The 'pop' is the result of
the water turning suddenly into steam.

The engine I have invented is far more efficient than any other steam engine
because the efficiency of the magnetron in turning water into steam. In fact,
the water droplet 'explodes' very much like air/gasoline explodes in a
conventional internal combustion engine.

This engine was first tested in 1992. I am however unable to invest the
required capital to produce a more sophisticated model and therefore unable to
patent it. Even though I may not be able to profit from this technology, it
is too good to be kept to myself and I would like to spread it around so that
others may be able to use it.

The following is an outline of how to construct the device and a few cautions:


1. Magnetron from medium power microwave oven.

2. Small 4-stroke single cylinder lawn mover engine or similar engine with
'old style' points and ignition system.

3. Automotive alternator with built-in rectifier and regulator, also a 12
volt auto battery.

4. "Trigger" mechanism from an aircraft "strobe" landing light.


1. The magnetron fits into the spark plug hole.

2. The distributor points are modified so that the contact is closed when the
piston is at the top dead center and this contact is used to activate the
aircraft strobe mechanism.

3. The high voltage from the strobe is connected to directly fire the
magnetron which in turn produces steam which moves the piston.

4. The engine turns the alternator which keeps the battery charged, which
supplies the electrical power for the magnetron.



1. Be careful around the magnetron. KEEP IT SHIELDED WITH METAL. IT CAN CAUSE

2. The 'strobe' trigger delivers a very high voltage which can jump to ground.

3. Be sure to modify the distributor points so they close at the top dead
center. Timing advance depends on the power of the magnetron used and the
amount of water. Try different carb jet sizes -- drill out if needed.

4. Due to variables, don't expect high engine speeds without a little
experimentation due to variables.

5. Start with a fully charged battery or your alternator won't work.

6. The energy produced is in excess of the power required to run the
alternator but until you get the RPM up, and the parts wrking in harmony, it
may be best to use a battery charger instead of an alternator.

7. An easy way to measure net power output after you have the alternator on
line is to run a few 12 volt lights from the battery. You will see that the
battery stays charged even with the lights on and the motor keeps on going.

8. Although I have not tried it, the idea of vaporizing water with microwaves
should also work well in a converted turbine.




5 Jan 2017 @ 04:34 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123

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