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 Step right up.2 comments
12 Feb 2002 @ 09:32, by Anthony Marsh

Get them while they are hot?

Hope they come in designer colors? Or dosent leave an ugly scar?

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13 Feb 2002 @ 16:30 by maxtobin : Oh Yes Please
It does take all kinds to make the world go round!! Frightening what people will do to disempower them selves and avoid the consequences of their own actions. Keep alert we need more lerts! thanks for the advanced sales spiel!!  

14 Feb 2002 @ 21:44 by tdeane : Very, very interesting!
Bushman, you come up with the most interesting articles. Very informative, very thought-provoking, and did you notice after the second article, in the response section, the MD with the CPA? Much love ~ Tricia  

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