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1 Feb 2002 @ 13:16, by Anthony Marsh

Just another rumor???

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3 Feb 2002 @ 11:23 by fleer : Puts my recent log in perspective
This puts my recent log about segregational and isolationist trends in the Danish Muslim society in perspective.
Could it be this simple?
Scatter Joy `n´ Namaste  

3 Feb 2002 @ 11:57 by peazritr : ::unbelievable::
bushman, i wonder how you expect me to comprehend, much less believe, this fantastic tale? i am on the way to the bank to cash a check which less all its deductions plus less the check cashing fee will leave me with next to zilch. i don't have time for this; this is ridiculous! don't you have any information more fit for a poor stand in line wait around for a leader to tell me what deductions to accept person like myself? i would appreciate it if in the future you would consider my dumb ass when you post. this post is unbelievable! i do not have a clue as to how it relates to me.  

3 Feb 2002 @ 13:47 by peazritr : ::so the ^above is not misunderstood::
mostly, as you know, bushman, the above is tongue in cheek. i personally thought some of it funny. hope you do, too, find some humor in it. on the syrius side, however, i offer this: i am the oneness, the brother & the other; i have chosen; i am choosing; i will choose. ahimsa.  

3 Feb 2002 @ 15:18 by bushman : :}
I did list it under rumors, peaz, lol.  

6 Feb 2002 @ 21:31 by maxtobin : Rumors of food
Now thats food for thought isn't it. Who got the film rights? or are we too late,planet X is on its way to gobble us up unless we eat the krypton first and suck our selves into the worm hole. I think I need to take this little lot for a summer holiday, plenty of reading and inspiring of thoughts!!Thanks bushman  

23 Mar 2002 @ 00:16 by vaxen : Wonderful!!!
Thanks, again, bushman for the link. Of course in order to understand just exactly what is being said one must of needs know the history upon which this is based. This history, until recently, has been relegated to a select number of Cabals rather freely operating 'cross the globes fair face. Go Enki and a heartfelt thanks to you for what you did for us! Incidentally the word 'Cyber,' of Cyber-Space, is from the greek word *Kybernetikos* which means 'steersmen.; Now that you know that we are here to steer this ship through the warpitudes of multi-dim then you can rest deeply knowing why you have been chosen. Good show bushman! Thanks again for the linkage. Peazritr have you read any of Zacharia Sitchens works? Are you familiar with Velikovsky? Do you have even the vaguest of hints about what is being said at the link? Perhaps it should read 'A-Hamso?' If so, then we know exactly who and what you are...viv' que viv' sibilant!  

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