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 No no no! this cant be happening.1 comment
12 Dec 2001 @ 17:09, by Anthony Marsh

Please don't let this be true, God.

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22 Mar 2002 @ 23:39 by vaxen : True enough:
The JDL have a great point. I worked with them in the latter part of the 60's whilst I was working to free 'Soviet Yehudiim' that they may do Aliya to Yisrael. When you stop to think of how the sheep went to slaughter during world war two, cf., the Treblinka experiment et al, then you may feel allied with those who feel that it is only wise to resist those forces that wish to do away with you. However, Kahane went too far. I was in Yisrael at the time that Kahane did Aliya and heard stories of how he and his Yeshiva Buchers would go into the 'Old city' and stone and beat up old Arab men and women. We resisted Kahane. You'd be surprised to learn how damndebly prejudiced the 'Yehudiim' really are...in fact I've often argued that it was this very 'Shtetl' culture which led to the demise of European Yehudiim along with the SHtetl culture misnomered as Yahadut. Not all Yehudiim are rich and not all Yehudiim are prejudiced...but quite a few are...needless to say; I wonder why you do'nt want it to be true?  

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