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 UPDATE! Lost city off Cuba.2 comments
7 Dec 2001 @ 07:30, by Anthony Marsh

? 6000, years old, realy?

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12 Nov 2002 @ 10:14 by Brenda R. Gibbs @ : Lost City
I had heard awhile back that there was going to be a documentary about the lost city off the coast of cuba. And have anxiously been waiting to see something on this subject but have not yet. Do you know if there will be more info on this matter? Thank you  

12 Nov 2002 @ 17:29 by bushman : Yes
I think national geografic is involved as well, I just read an update on it today.
still it's pretty much the same info, nothing new yet but since they are at least putting out articals it might mean they are getting ready to show more. I supose doing a dive at this time of year would be tough. You'd think that they would of spoted it long ago but ocean curents are changing so maybe the longer they wait the more sand gets moved. It's only a half a mile down so robot cams would work fine, but in the first report they said it was pretty murky down there, and would need better lighting, Im sure they got pics that havent been released, I know from the first report that they got pics of drawings and greek looking letters carved in some of the granet stones. Ya cant wait myself, lol. :}  

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