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27 Nov 2001 @ 10:01, by Anthony Marsh

This may be the only answer.

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18 Jan 2002 @ 22:55 by maxtobin : four signs
Thanks for this, I have only just discovered it and had a chance to read. We are living in the second sign, without doubt, here in NZ we have an ozone hole in the sky that has serriously changed our weather patterns. We now have a much higher incidence of skin cancer (melanoma) and I wonder if the red sky can be avoided, let us pray together that India and Pakistan don't have a nuclear confrontation, that would do it! We are ready to go bush if needed (back to the land) but meanwhile we try to walk the spiritual path in the now. Thus the organic quest/vision of healing for our society, expressed in our econation movement. The karma of any society is to integrate the wisdom of the indiginous peoples. Thank you for your part in this sacred journey.  

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