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20 Nov 2001 @ 08:33, by Anthony Marsh

Around 1200 bc, did the sun blow off its outer shell?
Here's some truth, YES!, this planet got cooked, and impacted by hot slag, fire and brimstone?
Here's the update on what happened to Alantis, and the proof that our history is a lie.
Read the whole artical, please.
Is it time for the sun to blast us again? Is this a cycle of destruction and rebirth? Did they know back then that this was a normal cycle, being that there is all sorts of artifacts found in caves, in man made caverns, did they know and try to protect the knowledg? Who will they take to the new underground citys this time? For the last 2 years i've lived out here in Sedona AZ, and have found more than enough evidence that this planet got cooked , even the Hopi legends indicate that this was the case. The fact of giants as well also indicate that only those small enough to find shelter underground survived the cataclisim.
Got Fire suit?

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21 Nov 2001 @ 22:51 by sea : You may be on to something here:-)
Love the article! There is some great info there & sound theories. I don't have a fire suit but I have a scuba tank! LOL I can always go under! :-)

Sea :-)  

22 Nov 2001 @ 06:12 by sharie : Surviving in caves and water
Thank you for sharing your information on this topic. There's ancient documents that says the Earth has gotten so hot that volancoes everywhere were spewing lava, and the rivers, lakes, and oceans boiled in places. I've read that some people survived by going into caves while others were buried alive by the earthquakes.  

27 Mar 2003 @ 13:07 by kelly @ : atlantis
i am very close to finding atlantis it is by accident that i found it if you have been watching the news the mountain that is described is in iraq atlantis is under it hussein knows it is there i also think bush and blair know it is there they are trying to keep him from using the technology there to destroy the world i know this sounds far fetched search under these words ufos and hussein  

27 Mar 2003 @ 15:32 by bushman : Ya
They are also putting a huge wall around the Giza platau as well, everything seems to be under 300ft of red clay sandstone, I don't know if its Atlantis in Iraq, but I totaly agree that there is anciant tech buryed there, in Revolations it says there are 4 angels chained where the 2 rivers meet, Suddam has been draining that swampy area. As well as, the Ark of the covent, being a WMD, who might have that device?  

6 Apr 2003 @ 13:40 by Harlow @ : Atlantis
Kelly-Your comment on Atlantis is interesting but I have some Information you might like to hear. You might re-think your
statement after you hear it. Email me.  

6 Apr 2003 @ 13:42 by Harlow @ : Atlantis
Kelly email me at Silverado2003ls@aol.com.  

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