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 Autobiography of, The Waver. By Ed Carlson3 comments
11 Nov 2001 @ 11:23, by Anthony Marsh

Well I was able to copy the CD as a regular audio file so I can send you a copy of the CD, It will play on any CD player, I can only afford to make and send 10 copys at the moment, so Email me with a mailing address. Also the files are available through my ICQ, # 6217837, or Email, empriva@kachina.net , but the sound quality is not very good.
There are 2 tracks, the best I could do is around 7 megs each in mp3 format, guess its better than 37 megs, lol.

This Angel of God, was almost mayor of Sedona AZ, he lost by 6 votes. His real name is Ed Carlson, aka, The Waver.
I gave him a ride and he gave me a CD of his life and wisdom, he asked me to get this info out to as many people as I can. But Im no software jocky, lol. Hey maybe I can get a copy to Art Bell.

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12 Nov 2001 @ 15:06 by ming : MP3
The file area is a little primitive right now. Later on I'll make sure it will take MP3s and stuff like that.  

15 Nov 2001 @ 08:11 by kay : I joined.
Thanks Bushman for the info. Did you notice that Gyrfalcon posted a Audio player link with 'Earth, wind and Fire' music in one of the chat rooms. I wonder if you could load files to it and then we could hear that way. I am not knowledgeble in this either. Just wondering.  

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:26 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123

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