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 Scalar Radionics2 comments
1 May 2008 @ 05:13
Here is a link to check out a device you might find interesting. Although I personally think there are places around the globe that will do the same thing for you, you could create an artificial field yourself with easily available parts.
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 Camohopper Craft0 comments
picture14 Aug 2005 @ 06:36

Apperently some Alien parked this brand new Camohopper right where I could see it.


From the top, we can see that someone or something is operating the Camohopper's eyes.

In this front view, well you can imagine this thing swooping in on you, eye to eye.

I'd sure like to take this Camohopper out for a ride.  More >

 The Alien Orb II, #91 comment
picture6 Aug 2005 @ 01:07
Here is a good shot of The Alien Embryo's folded up wing sets, kind of looks like some kind of collar. We still have the nucleus from The First Alien orb, in containment, maybe it will hatch out. So stay tuned, for The Alien Embryo Live.

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 The Alien Orb II, #82 comments
picture5 Aug 2005 @ 01:29
This would be the back side of The Alien Embryo, from The Alien Orb, we believe, The Alien Embryo, is dead. The Team still think it prudent to keep a can of Raid at the ready. You might note that The Alien Embryo has wings, you may also note, you can see The Alien Embryo is capable of seeing rear view.

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 The Alien Orb II, #71 comment
picture4 Aug 2005 @ 01:38
This is the Alien Embryo, from The Alien Orb, still mostly in the egg sack, except for..., The Alien Embryo's Head, with an almost human looking eye. It sent shivers down the team's spines.

Tomarrow: After the bath.  More >

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