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 Mars Base.4 comments
17 Sep 2009 @ 18:14
"Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to Mars and meeting Martian extraterrestrials"

Very Intresting, a, must read. :}

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 Ray Gun.1 comment
1 Mar 2008 @ 04:28
Heres a vid of a reporter getting hit by the non-lethal Ray Gun, probably on its lowest setting. I think this report will be on TVs 60 minets show tomarrow sunday.
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 Bridge on Mars?0 comments
9 Dec 2006 @ 05:53
Pretty bizarre spot on Mars, kind of looks like some sort of ancient minning operation. Look around, maybe save it and then use your pic editor to zoom out more. Lots to be seen in this pic. From the full res pic this is zoomed into about a 1/2" square.

The full pic can be found here:

Or the main MRO site:

 Viking city on Mars?3 comments
picture 20 Oct 2006 @ 07:08

When I saw this one, I was pretty amazed. Top center, is what looks like a monolithic carving of a Viking with a winged helmet.

This is from the MRO at Mars.
Heres the big pic from NASA, the area is in the top left.
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 Ruins on Mars?2 comments
picture 18 Oct 2006 @ 18:03
From the MRO, (NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)

Looks alot like Native American ruins to me. :}

Medium sized pic: [link]  More >

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