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 God has AIDS5 comments
11 Dec 2004 @ 18:39
God gave himself AIDS, when he created man. Look what we do to his creation. Humans are no different than an oxident, slow burning the creation with an eternal flame, making toxic emissions and spewing toxic fluids that ooz all over everything. Just take a look around, God has an immune defficiancy. The eternal flame will finaly go out when theres nothing left to burn.  More >

 More Human than a Human.1 comment
12 Jun 2004 @ 20:06
Need I say more?

Main site:

Here are the old lyrics to the same song, by the Zombies.

I am the astro-creep
a demolition style hell american freak -
i am the crawling dead -
a phantom in a box shadow in your head -
say acid suicide freedom of the blast
read the f**ker lies -
scratch off the broken skin -
tear into my heart
make me do it again yeah
more human than human
i am the jigsaw man
i turn the world around with a skeleton hand say -
i am electric head
a cannibal core
a television said
do not victimize
read the motherf**ker-psychoholic lies -
into a psychic war
i tear my soul apart and i eat it so me more
more human than human
i am the ripper man
a locomotion mind
love american style
yeah i am the nexus one
i want more life
f**ker i ain't done - yeah
more human than human  More >

 Time travel?2 comments
26 Mar 2002 @ 19:35
Here's an intresting link.
How can you receive a message before it was sent?
[link]  More >

 Step right up.2 comments
12 Feb 2002 @ 09:32
Get them while they are hot?

Hope they come in designer colors? Or dosent leave an ugly scar?
Hmmmmmmmm  More >

 The Temple of Solomon and the Lost Tribe of Asher.16 comments
13 Dec 2001 @ 18:04
Bio weapons aside, I was thinking about what I read in this artical,
about this lost tribe, and the temple of Solomon. What did the temple of Soloman represent? It ment to me a house of wisdom. Then it struck me, what if the internet was the temple of Solomon? What if people in chat rooms buliten boards, ICQ, etc... were somehow part of this lost tribe, even the native Americans came to mind. I thought about what Asher was but, ill need to read up on that, lol, but how can you tell if someone is from the Asher tribe? I mean do they have some obviouse trait? Does it mater if this tribe does or dosen't litraly go to Isriel, if they are connected on the net?
Hmmmm.  More >