One Seeker's Journey: Stars in our eyes? More on the question: 'Are we ready for the Cosmos?'    
 Stars in our eyes? More on the question: 'Are we ready for the Cosmos?' 2 comments
10 May 2009 @ 23:02, by Craig Lang

I've gotten several fascinating comments on various blogs that receive the feed of One Seeker's Journey via RSS. On one, I got the comment, roughly paraphrased, that unless we clean up our act on Earth, we will never reach the stars. while I certainly agree with his sentiment that we need to take care of our own world, my own belief is that in the next few hundred years, we will go to the stars regardless of whether we deserve to or not.

This will happen unless one of two things occurs:

  • We destroy ourselves
  • Someone "out there" intervenes to prevent us.

    I actually present this argument in the last two chapters of The Cosmic Bridge. I like the message in the old version (1951) version of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which roughly states that if we export our warlike ways to the Universe the Cosmic Civilization will have to act and the result will not be pretty.

    There have always been myriad reasons for venturing into a new frontier or what have you. My thought is that in the next few hundred years, physics will advance to the point where we WILL have the ability for starflight. And when some some-one both has sufficient ability and sufficient need to go, then they will go.

    Whether or not we deserve to go is a very different question. Humanity has been quite adept at expanding into places we arguably do not deserve to go. Yet, for better or for worse, we went anyway.

    There are six-billion humans and counting. Each of us function somewhat independently. Thus, the human race is pretty good at doing lots of things at once. Unfortunately, While those 'things' have often been endeavors with greatly varying degrees of wisdom, they have been done. I believe this shows that humanity will move into a new arena given the capability to do so.

    Ultimately, I suspect that the only thing that could prevent us from going to the stars is if we destroy our own civilization - which, IMHO, is a very real possibility. This could mean wrecking the whole Earth, but would more likely "only" mean the collapse our own civilization.

    I subscribe to the idea that each species/civilization is implicitly tested at the stage in which they develop large scale energy capabilities (becoming a type 0 civilization, to use Michio Kaku's terminology). In our case, this means nuclear technology and space travel, possibly including stardrive capability. If the species in question (in this case, Humanity) manages to transcend ego and survives to reach the cosmic-era it will probably survive onward for the long haul. For us, that probably means making it through the next hundred or so years. If we manage that, I suspect that we will somehow manage to mitigate our current planetary-scale survival issues.

    My own belief is that our destiny is in space, regardless of who we are at the time we go. It is in everyone's interest - Earth and Cosmos together - that humanity has evolved a mature consciousness when we do venture forth.

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    11 May 2009 @ 05:56 by a-d : Now,Craig, don't
    freak out here, but just yesterday I realized something that I think will surface very soon!.... ALL the Stories , symbolic and other vice, about Humanities "Past" =origin and "how it all came to be this way (as it is today)... I just KNEW in an instant that ninety % of all ---- we 've been fed and still are,as we speak,) is to cover up the TRUTH that "until" "Adam& Eve" (symbolic story) Mankind was living Life Ever lasting; "the Paradise"/"the Garden of Eden" are the (symbolic "Story" about that Truth.
    Then A & E "screwed up somehow and humans beginning with those two, so to speak, became ever more SELFISH at the expense of All else Outside their/one's own skin which just happens to be the CARDINAL SIN!
    So, from then on ever more of us started to "forget" that Humanity just prior had known /had the chance to choose to become Full-time Earthlings or to remain Cosmic Beings, able to ascend body (& all into higher vibration = "into "Light Beings" , so to speak) any time they so wanted.The Fall out of Grace = fall into the "Time Zone" marks the moment more humans became earth bound /with dying as "natural" (=KARMIC) consequence, than humans who remembered their freedom and ABILITY to choose the other option, which is ALWAYS AVAILABLE STILL TO THIS DAY TO EVERY HUMAN EVER BORN!.... and SOME have remembered that and actually made it back into their Cosmic Being-ness!... We can too!...if we want to!... do the Job necessary!

    Well... You get the drift, donchya? : )I know.... we "should sit around the Round table and chat!.... But I hope you can see my point and all add up all the "stories" =lies and see through them... It really is possible, and you see it nothing else ever makes sense to you unless THIS truth is used as Humanity's Bottom Line Truth!  

    12 May 2009 @ 15:30 by craiglang : Origins and Cycles
    Ah yes - the old question - how many times has our civilization been here, and where did it begin in the first place. I am fascinated by the idea that we once had a much higher state of consciousness than we do now.
    The story of our rise(s) and fall(s) may be embodied in the ideas of Adam & Eve, the fall of Atlantis, and many others.

    I wonder how many times our species has risen and fallen. My guess would be that there have been at least two. The question is whether we will go the same route and follow the same cycle, or whether we will break the cycle in one way or another.

    Might we break the cycle by transcendence - maybe this time around if we do it right? Or is transcendence just part of the cycle? Many questions to think about.

    Thanks for your interesting comments.

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