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3 Oct 2007 @ 15:56, by Craig Lang

A fried of mine who teaches aeronautical technology, invited me to present a lecture on UFOs to her Aerospace/Aeronautical teacher's group. So last night, I presented my "UFO 101" lecture to their group. While I was expecting them to be at least somewhat skeptical, I found that the reception was positive, almost surprisingly so. I found that several in the group had had sightings, and at least one person had apparently experienced a close encounter.

My conclusion from this small data point is that the phenomenon reaches into nearly every corner of our society, bringing the contact experience to all walks of life. I also note that it is becoming increasingly accepted in areas of society where in an earlier time, it would have been rejected out of hand.

During the talk, I was expecting a bit of a skeptical audience, so I kept my talk pretty conservative. I focused mostly on close encounters of the first kind (CE1's) which are relatively close UFO sightings - close enough to see details, but not actually encounter occupants. My goal of the talk was to describe the apparent technological capability shown by UFOs, and what we would have to do to duplicate these effects.

I highlighted effects such as:
- High speed,
- Rapid accelleration,
- Hovering and very-low speeds,
- Completely silent operation (noted by nearly all sighting witnesses)
- Radiation, field and electromagnetic effects
- Ground traces.

I described a significant number of cases, displaying each aspect of the encounters. The talk briefly brushed on the abduction phenomenon - just enough to tickle/tease the curiosity, without getting too far beyond what the more conservative folks in the room could expect.

As I indicated above, I had expected some rather skeptical comments/questions. I noted a couple of people seemed to be somewhat turned off, but of the 15 to 20 people present, most seemed quite fascinated - one or two of them thoroughly drawn in.

I can usually tell from someone's reactions as I do a presentation like this, whether they have had some form of interaction with the phenomenon. And in at least one person, I saw exactly that. After the talk, the person came up to me and indicated that she had had an encounter that, as she described it, sounded almost exactly like a close encounter of the 4th kind (a.k.a. abduction).

The rate is about right, I found. Approximately one percent of the population seems to be affected by the phenomenon (events of the fourth kind), with about 10 percent having had more distant sightings (events of the first kind). When I talk about UFO research in public, I find that that same percentage, roughly 10 percent having seen something, with another 30% being interested. About 10% are hardened skeptics, with the remainder of those present having varying degrees of interest. These are just arm-wavey numbers from my own observations, but they seem pretty consistent.

So, again, where I expected (or at least was prepared for) a certain amount of skepticism, I refreshingly found a receptive audience, and possibly some closer involvement with the phenomenon than expected. It again helps me to get a feel for how pervasive the phenomenon appears to be, and also, how much more accepted it seems to have become in our society.

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4 Oct 2007 @ 19:19 by aaronb : skeptics ?
There are many around the planet who have experienced or are aware of ET's and their relationships with various world leaders over many years. Dr.Steven
Greer has hundreds of high profile first hand witnesses and has been on his mission to have the government admit its relationship with them. Also Alfred Webre the site enclosed also has been on a similar track  

5 Oct 2007 @ 03:51 by vaxen : Yes...
I have had contact since I was a little boy though I don't often mention it to anyone. There are top secret .mil proggies and people who know this too. The lid is off.

The battle has been uphill with some good reason. That there is a plan afoot to simulate an alien invasion cannot be denied. But, then, there are those of us who know. Who really know. Maybe the time is ripe to move and shake the static state. ;)

Yes, Aaron, Dr Salla is on the right track. Exoterrestrials unite! ;)  

5 Oct 2007 @ 16:11 by rayon : Body Shape
Recently coincidentally, I have been able to compare certain inherent major directional muscular and skeletal tendencies or directional actions to the movement of the Earth. It is possible that our shape, the shape of our intelligent organisation system is dependent on the primary pulls and forces and weights and sizes of our solar system. Not joking anyone.

If we knew the dimensions and weights of other solar systems or sun systems or star systems we could hypothesise on the form that their intelligent systems would take. Our bodies, intelligent systems are supposed to be a microcosm of the universal system, they say, perhaps in this it is meant, the solar system, which itself may be a microcosm of the universe.  

5 Oct 2007 @ 21:21 by craiglang : Skeptics and Experiencers
Just a note to indicate that while many of the people I have presented to in recent years have been skeptics, in other cases, the room has been full of experiencers.

I find that overall, about 10% of the population has seen something unexplained in the sky, while about 0.1% to 1.0% of the population has experienced close encounters. It's really hard to be a skeptic once this happens.  

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