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3 Aug 2007 @ 21:51, by Craig Lang

(Adapted from article on my Yahoo 360 blog site)

This week has been a helluva week - and beneath it, I sense a very meaningful chain of synchronicites.

Firstly, A woman named Aerielle Louise, an acquaintance of mine who had done a lot of internet publicity for me on The Cosmic Bridge, passed away on Tuesday. To the best of my knowledge she was quite a recluse and had no family. She was largely a shut-in and seldom left her trailer. She lived mostly on-line, I think. She had a zillion e-acquaintances, but when people have tried to find her next of kin, they seem to hit alot of brick walls. I'm still looking...

Next day came the I35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. All along, lots of other stuff has gone on as well - like trying to get a document written at work and needing to find people who aren't around/available. At the same time, I finally got my car into the shop to get routine maintenance done; they still haven't found out why the slow leak in my left front tire, but they did confirm it was low. That's something in itself, as I've been screwing around with that for nearly a month. Also, Gwyn has succeeded on several occasions in locking up the PC. It is a unique talent of hers, something I have been kidding her about in recent weeks. I might be overdoing it with the humor... :-)

I also had a couple of events in my HT practice which were, I think, very definite roadsigns. One was a series of really great, very successful sessions with a series of clients, while the other was a couple of clients in a row who had been booked, but who suddenly (for various reasons) cancelled. One was not able to come in the evenings, or on the weekends - which is when I do most of my HT work. So that pretty much eliminates my working with him. The feeling was frustrating, but them's the breaks, I guess. Anyway, I got home from the day job on Tuesday evening, rather bumbed, frustrated, and just plain angry. Poor Gwyn. But after about an hour, my orneries passed - which was good, since I had a client coming in about an hour. :-)

It turned out that that client did extremely well - one of the experiences that reminds me of just why I do hypnotherapy work. It really does help people who want to be helped. And so, I forge ahead. Another positive sign - "proceed this way..."

Last night, I had planned on plinking away with my laptop, playing with a new storyline. However, instead, Gwyn and I just sat in front of the TV, watching the Tom Clancy movie, The Sum of all Fears. It might not have been the best movie to see to set my mind at ease after being bumbed earlier in the week, but it was interesting - as Tom Clancy always is.

Life seems to be one long chain of synchronicities - both positive and negative. The negative ones seem to tell me something like "don't go there" or at least, "don't dive in feet first." I get that on occasion w.r.t. my HT practice - clients cancelling, no-showing, etc. I often think that this is telling me that I shouldn't go into a particular form of HT work, or should modify some aspect of my business. But at the same time, the rewards I get from doing healing work far exceed the downers from those few clients who no-show, etc. The world is full of both hope and disappointment, and ultimately, discernment is our most important gift. What is the Universe trying to tell us?

Another synchronicity - I added it as a footnote to my Yahoo 360 blog entry: "what else..." - has to do with the bridge collapse. I wrote the blog entry on Monday or Tuesday, asking what else could cause catastrophic problems with technology. The next day the collapse came. I had been discussing a show I saw on the Science Channel about a massive engineering project proposed in the early 1920's in the Mediterranean. It now turns out that this would have caused catastrophic environmental change. EE Gads - what if we had actually done it?

And even more syhchronicities; the movie I watched last night, The Sum of All Fears, was the same way - I had earlier thought about that movie - about a week ago, I think. I was surprised to see it on the TV. I find that I often will see things like mile markers exactly coinciding with the number on the clock, or the radio playing a song I was just thinking about. More synchros in the chain, more grist for the mill.

I guess that synchronicities can be marks along the right path, but they can also be warning lights over closed doors. Over the years, I have learned to listen to them, because I think that they have alot to tell us about our path through the roadmap of life. Or, as a friend of mine once said, "Catch God on a whisper."

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4 Aug 2007 @ 23:18 by bushman : There was,
that choper collision of 2 news chopers, channels 3 and 15 , 4 died. And the week before it all started, George Norry was going to do a mass Quigi board thing over the airwaves, he chickened out, but technicaly, all those listening that would have participated , already had thier Ouigi boards out, so... :}  

5 Aug 2007 @ 18:18 by craiglang : Interesting and sobering
Not familiar with the story but it sounds fascinating - and sobering.

It would make a great study in alternate realities. Here are some questions that come to mind as I hear this:
1) How many people would have particiapted?
2) How many actually did have their boards out?
3) How may did NOT get them out?
4) How close did George Noory and all participants come to actually doing the experiment - i.e. in how many peoples' minds had the experiment taken root?

I don't know what the gist of the Ouija board experiment was going to be. Was it going to be to manifest something? Get the answer to a question? etc, etc, etc.
It would be interesting to somehow determine if the "counterfactual" reality (the path not taken) actually had an influence on the "manifested" reality. An opportunity for some fascinating study in parapsychology and field consciousness.

Whether the crash was related to the experiment, it still suggests that that we need to be careful how we use the power of the mind - especially the mass mind.

Thanx for your note,

5 Aug 2007 @ 20:38 by bushman : Ya
I dont know exacly how many listeners he had at the time, but we can assume at least 20 million. Maybe a 1/4 of them had thier boards out, since George kept saying he was almost ready but wanted more input from his guests, for or against the experiment, so he took it down to a seconds notice, and basicly was about to start what ever he was going to do, but then one of his christian guests at the last second put this guilt trip onto George, saying "are you sure you want to put the whole world at risk?" thats when george apologized to the listeners and said he wasnt going to do it. Id say at least half the listeners were all for the experiment, but we never were told what to do, or what was the point. I think what George was trying to do is send messages back and forth thru the Ouigi boards, but also he did say something about trying to talk to his dead aunt and find out what its like on the other side. Maybe thinking with the audiances help he would get a ghost to apper live on the show. But lets say a Ouigi borad can open dimentional doorways, maybe they add up to a much larger doorway if you get a bunch of people doing it. Theres all sorts of people who have had bad expiriances with Ouigi boards, rather than good ones.  

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