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10 Jan 2006 @ 18:53, by Craig Lang

An interesting article reference appeared in my e-mail today.
The article was in NewScientist, on Heim Quantum Physics. The theory is apparently quite well developed, and took the physics community by surprise. Apparently most people don't understand it very well, but nobody has yet poked any major holes in it.

The article is: Take a leap into hyperspace on

Doing a Google search on "Burkhard Heim" and following the links I found the following paper:
Heim Quantum Theory for SpacePropulsion Physics - Warning, lots of math... :-)

More on hyperdimesional physics in the article: "Mathematical Realization of Higher Dimensional Space"

I've always wondered just how far we are from star travel. With current advances in zero point theory, my guess is that we are within a couple hundred years of a working starship. Maybe I'm being too conservative.

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10 Jan 2006 @ 20:17 by swanny : Interesting
Interesting article
Thanks for the links
I heard about another obscure German
last night who apparently fostered the
interest in the American Indian in the 1800s
His name was Carl or Karl something
Them Germans aye... He had his troubles
too but was apparently one of Germany
most celebrated writers familiar to both
Hitler and Enstien.

Interesting read though...  

10 Jan 2006 @ 20:47 by swanny : A Question?
Just on a somewhat related matter...

If one were to circumference once around the Earth at the equator
in about 10 minutes what speed would one be going ?
It would be slower than the speed of light but...
hmmmm well the circumference of the earth is 24,900 miles
= 40 072 665.6 meters?
divided by 600 seconds 41.5 miles a sec = 66 787.776 m per sec
and the speed of light is 299 792 458 m / s ? and the speed
of sound is 340.29 m / s ?
wow thats mach 200 or so isn't it far shy of light but dern quick

holy cripes

CL Note:

4 X 10^7 m / 600 S = 6.7 X10^4 m/Sec

This comes out to about 197 X speed of sound at sea level.
Note: Orbital veolcity is about Mach 25 or about 17,500 Mi/hr.
Escape velocity is 25,000 Mi/hr or orbital times square root of 2.
That makes it roughly Mach 35, which is considerably less than the speed required to circumnavigate the earth in 10 minutes.

Bottom line: Gravity would not hold you to the Earth at a 10 minute circumnavigation of Earth.

My $0.02 - How does this question arise?  

10 Jan 2006 @ 20:54 by swanny : Mach 200
oops I guess mach 200
is mach 200 = 68 058 m / s  

10 Jan 2006 @ 22:39 by swanny : Well its ....
Well its somewhat confidential
and "experimental" at this
point and related to the "dreaming body" and "intent"
and the internet
but if you email mail me I could give you
a link I suppose.  

12 Jan 2006 @ 14:32 by swanny : ...

Question: What is the assemblage point?

Answer: It is the zone, in which the energy of consciousness is concentrated. This is neither a point that can be drawn with a pencil, nor a point in space, nor a point on the wall of the cocoon, but the zone, the area in space, where consciousness is distributed. For example, transferring the consciousness from one chakra into another, from one bubble of perception into another, bringing it out of the body’s bounds, and transferring from one spatial dimension into another, will constitute shifting of the assemblage point.


3 Jun 2006 @ 12:03 by Ed @ : Quantum Weirdness
Just reading about Quantum stuff...
How ???? odd
Strange Universe we live in I suppose at a micro level
that the fact of observation or measurement seems to change
pyhsics or reality.... at a certain level
so what does that give us....
I guess that fact that emerges seems to be that the Uncertainty
principle in that you can know one thing and not the other and know
the other and then not the one thing which points to the dynamic
nature of the Universe where atoms and molecules may possess
"intelligence" of a rudimentary sense....  

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