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23 Dec 2005 @ 23:36, by Craig Lang

It has been an interesting few months, putting the finishing touches on my book, "The Cosmic Bridge - Close Encounters and Human Destiny". The book is a compilation of what I have discerned from clients - and from my own observations about the evolving relationship between humanity and the UFO abduction phenomenon. The current task has been to get it proofread and find a publisher for it.

I thought seriously about self-publishing it and spent a lot of time in analysis paralysis - weighing the tradeoffs between the two. The biggest pro for self publishing is primarily not having to deal with the publishing industry. I would have much more control over the whole process, and could get the book to market much faster. The "con" of this is that the market is more limited. Most of the chain bookstores are not very open to self published books by unknown first-time authors.

At least for now, I have decided to go more the traditional route, and I am sending out query letters to agents. One is currently reading my manuscript to come back with questions, comments, etc. This amounts to another cycle of proofreading, etc. - always a useful step. It adds another step or two in the path, but it also further hones the literary quality.

I have always been told that writing a book is the "easy" part and that the publishing process takes alot of patience. I see now just how true that is... :-)

In the mean time, I have thought in terms of a related work that I call "The Other Side of the Sky". It will be a compilation of the articles that I used as feeder material for "The Cosmic Bridge". I will probably self-pub that to "get the word out" a little quicker.

A number of self-pub sites look pretty good. Probably the best seems to be They seem to offer the best services for the least $$$. So that seems to be a good route.

Stay tuned, the adventure continues...

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24 Dec 2005 @ 11:10 by jazzolog : Little Lulu
NCN member Quinty publishes with them. He has a two volume biography of his incredible father...and he also puts out a couple of calendars every year of Luis' paintings. We gobble up anything he does...and I can tell you Lulu's quality is very good (the paintings could look better---we've seen the originals). Their speed of delivery is unbelievable...matching Amazon to the second. Very reasonably priced too. Contact him about whether or not he makes any money...which probably is not his main interest.

I have another friend who put out a Danish cook book with them. She decided to edit the thing after publishing was set up---and we got our copy. Apparently no problem with doing that.  

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