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24 Oct 2005 @ 20:57, by Craig Lang

An interesting article on Whitley Striber's Unknown Country website about the sate of Vermont: Will Vermont Secede from the Union?.


More on this from a Google search: "The Republic of Vermont"
Some really interesting results. A lot of political discontent.
I looked through one major website:

It'll be interesting to consider the implications of this. If Vermont were to secede from the union, then would the US have to militarily occupy Vermont, as they did the southern states 140 years ago? The ramifications are astounding...

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6 Nov 2005 @ 16:34 by jobrown : Yeeeeaahhhh
More Power to them, the Green Mountain People there in VT. There's a good chance this announcement will actually start a race between the very many States, that has been contemplating a secession,-and even preparing; some have done so for decades already! Yeah, lots of Changes coming to this Land, that was stolen, through lies and murder and pillage, whose Natives, who had CARED for the Land for hundreds of thousands of years, all but annihilated completely -and the FEW that survived, put in RESERVATIONS!.... A lot of Changes.  

6 Nov 2005 @ 16:58 by soultruth : thanks...
The spirit of such a thing, does a soul good. Thanks for informing us about this event....  

15 Nov 2005 @ 16:09 by rayon : Yes , seen this too
wondered about reaction here? I sent an email to the original presentation writer on this - no reply - can locate again if you wish. However, have also found article refering to the US as Turtle Island, a native american name term, with explanations for this, and a visionary manifesto of ideals it would stand for. Doing research here too . . more later  

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