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 The November Wind3 comments
22 Sep 2004 @ 01:52, by Craig Lang

A short piece I wrote in my creative writing class. I thought it would be neat to put up here. Kinda in keeping with some of the recent discussions... :-)


Stinging, I feel a cold wind, and a flake of snow...
Therre is a patch of frozen powder on the sidewalk.
It skitters in the wind. It swirls and is gone.
My ears are raw.
Brrrr, I wish I had put on a hat.

I let the door close behind me. A glass with wire...
To one side is the elementary section.
To the other, the middle school.
A drinking fountain at my knees is turned off for the winter.
No children are here yet - only adults.

The pale light of early morning,
the feeble rays of gray touch the sign
A flag, a ballot and a pen
Right and Left, they meet here.
Then it's over...

I open my car door and get in.
It is warm inside. I continue on towards work.
Like everyone else, I will wait -
await the fate of my world,
on the breath of the November wind.

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24 Sep 2004 @ 20:11 by jmarc : brrr
i like to vote early too.  

24 Sep 2004 @ 20:15 by jstarrs : I got da chill...

5 Oct 2004 @ 00:35 by skookum : Time for
snuggling 'round the fireplace.  

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